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How to Find Indian Pizza Near Me?

If you’ve ever been curious about Indian Pizza, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many options available in your area. In this article, you’ll learn more about what to buy and how to use this unique type of restaurant. Also, you’ll learn where to find the nearest Indian Pizza near you.

What is Indian Pizza?

How to Find Indian Pizza Near Me?

Indian pizza is a unique dish, combining the flavours of two very different cultures. The traditional pizza sauce and cheese work well with Indian ingredients. It is made with a naan-like dough. Some Indian pizzas also include ingredients such as tandoori chicken. A typical Indian pizza includes five or more toppings, usually chicken, paneer cheese, onions, green peppers, and ginger. Some restaurants even add jalapeno rings or cilantro.

The Indian-style pizza has been around for a few years. It is a popular pizza in Canada, and is growing fast in Ontario. The main ingredients of this pizza are tandoori chicken and butter chicken. It may also include spinach, cilantro, and fresh ginger. Some pizzas also include raisins.

The Indian Pizza brand is owned by United Restaurants Limited, a company incorporated in India. The company has pioneered the production of fresh pizza in India. It has over 150 outlets in India. The name of the Indian pizza brand is derived from its origin in the Indus River. The Indus River was a river in ancient India, and India means “Indus people”.

The origin of the Indian pizza can be traced back to Dalvinder Multani, an immigrant from India who spent four years making pizza in New York City. Eventually, he bought an old pizzeria in San Francisco and named it “Zante’s.” In the 1960s, he had visions of opening an Indian restaurant. He used a thin, crispy Indian dough as the base of the pizza. In addition to pepperoni pizza, he also sold saag paneer pizza.

How to Find Indian Pizza Near Me?

How to Find Indian Pizza Near Me?

If you’re looking for Indian pizza near you, there are several options available. While some restaurants advertise generic pizza toppings, others will specialize in unique dishes. For instance, one restaurant in Los Angeles serves vindaloo and saag pizza. In addition, it offers secret menu options, including half-dozen pizzas with “Indian fusion” flavors.

Tips to Find Indian Pizza Near Me

If you are craving Indian pizza, but don’t know where to find it near you, here are some tips that might help.

1. Check online directories – an online directory such as Justdial or Zomato is likely to have listings of restaurants serving Indian pizza in your city.

2. Ask around – friends, family and colleagues who have had Indian pizza before would be the best people to ask for recommendations.

3. Look for specialty stores – there might be a specialty store near you that stocks ingredients for making Indian pizza.

4. Search for recipes online – if all else fails, you could always try making it at home with the help of a recipe from the internet.

5. With these tips, we’re sure you’ll be able to find Indian pizza near you in no time!

6. If you are in Mumbai and looking for an authentic Indian pizza experience, head to Pizza By The Bay at Chowpatty Beach.

7. For those in Delhi, try out the Paneer Tikka Pizza at Peppe’s Pizzeria

8. In Bangalore, check out the Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza at Adyar Ananda Bhavan

9. And finally, if you’re in Chennai, Papa John’s serves a delicious Chicken Biryani Pizza that is definitely worth a try!

10. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and satisfy

What Do You Buy at Indian Pizza?

How to Find Indian Pizza Near Me?

The Indian pizza concept is a hybrid of two cuisines – Italian and Indian – in one delicious dish. The Indian influence on this cuisine is reflected in its use of cheese, spices, and bread. This style of pizza offers more creativity in its presentation and the opportunity to experiment with new flavors.

Indian pizzas are often overloaded with toppings. The typical Indian pizza is topped with chopped chicken, boiled potatoes, heavy cubes of paneer, vegetables, and chutneys. You may notice ads and menus touting the chutneys and dipping sauce.

Indian pizza has a history dating back to the 1980s. It was first created by a young Indian immigrant named Dalvinder Multani. His pizzeria, Zante, opened in San Francisco in 1986. The menu initially included pizza by the slice, with options such as saag paneer and pepperoni. However, his business did not take off, and after just one year, he closed his doors.

Indian pizzas are different than the pizzas you find in American pizza joints. The Indian pizza sauce is made with tomato sauce, and the toppings are dipped in curry. Typically, the Indian pizza sauce has a tomato paste-like texture and a spicy kick. In addition to cheese and vegetables, you can add chicken or lamb. You can even add spices like garlic or ginger to make your pizza unique.

Tips Use Indian Pizza

How to Find Indian Pizza Near Me?

If you’re looking for Indian pizza near me, you’ve come to the right place. This type of pizza combines ingredients from two different cultures, creating a unique taste sensation. Unlike traditional pizza, which is made with dough, Indian pizza is made with bread. Mistry enjoys making this unique variety of pizza because it allows him to use his creativity and opens his palate to new flavors.

Pizza joints that serve Indian food include Domino’s and Pizza Hut. Both have begun serving paneer tikka masala pies and are planning to add tandoori chicken to their menus. There are other options as well, including local ethnic restaurants. It’s important to find one that specializes in Indian pizza so that you can get the authentic flavor.

Methods Payment of Indian Pizza

PizzaToday India is a website that delivers food right to your doorstep. The system will map the location of your home to the nearest restaurant. You can even pick up your order at the restaurant if you don’t have time to wait for delivery. However, you can only place orders of 300 or more if you want to take advantage of its free delivery offer. Note that this offer is only valid for regular pizzas, not for chicken wings, Crispy Chicken Strips, or other a la carte products.

PizzaToday India also has an interactive menu that will allow you to select your favorite pizza and customize it according to your taste. You can choose from different crusts, toppings, and sizes. The system will also display the prices of all your selections. Once you’ve added your items to your cart, all you have to do is hand over your coupon to the delivery person to claim your order.

The website will also collect additional information from you, such as your email address and mobile number, which helps them deliver your order to your doorstep. The system will also store the information you enter, such as the menu you ordered, so you can reorder the same menu at a later time. You can also opt to associate your mobile number with social media, but PizzaToday India will never store credit card details.

Frequently Asked Questions | How to Find Indian Pizza Near Me

1. How do I find Indian Pizza near me?

One of the best ways to find Indian pizza near you is by using a food delivery app on your smartphone or computer. Simply enter your zip code and search for restaurants that offer this type of cuisine in the area. Many apps will give you the option to sort through their results based on price, distance from your current location, and more. Additionally, some apps allow you to save favorite locations so they can be easily accessed whenever you need them. Try searching “Indian pizza” online or downloading an app like Yelp or Google Maps to locate nearby options today!

2. What kind of toppings are common with Indian pizza?

Some popular pizza toppings commonly found on Indian pizza include spicy chicken, lamb, goat cheese, saag paneer (a type of spinach and cheese dish), tandoori chicken, mango chutney, and more. Each restaurant or food delivery service will typically have their own unique combination of toppings that they offer based on the tastes of local customers or popular flavors in the area. It’s always a good idea to ask about what types of toppings are available when ordering your pizza so you can get exactly what you’re craving!

3. Are there vegan options for Indian pizza?

Many restaurants that specialize in Indian cuisine also offer a wide selection of vegan pizzas. These usually consist of either dairy-free cheese substitutes or vegetable toppings like eggplant, potato, chickpeas, and more. Many restaurants are also beginning to offer vegan toppings like tofu or seitan as well to cater to customers with dietary restrictions.

4. How can I order Indian pizza delivery?

If you’re looking to order Indian pizza delivery in your area, the best way is usually by using an online food ordering service or app. Simply enter your zip code or city name along with “Indian pizza” into the search box on a site like Google Maps or Yelp, and you will be presented with a list of local restaurants that offer this option. From there, you can choose one based on price range, distance from your current location, reviews from other customers, and more. Most restaurants will also allow you to make your order ahead of time and schedule a specific date and time for it to be delivered, making it easy to plan a meal or get food quickly on nights when you’re busy or too tired to cook!

5. How do I know which Indian pizza is right for me?

There is no single “right” type of Indian pizza that will appeal to everyone. Instead, the best way to know if a particular restaurant or type of pizza is right for you is by trying it out for yourself! Simply look up local options in your area or browse menus online before ordering so you can see what different types are available and decide which ones sound like they would be most appealing to you – and don’t forget to take a look at the customer reviews too, so you know what other people’s experiences have been like with each restaurant!


The Indian pizza industry is booming. It boasts of the second-largest number of pizza outlets in the world. Several entrepreneurs have started pizza outlets in urban areas and underdeveloped areas of the country. Its popularity in the country has spurred the growth of Western-style family restaurants.

Domino’s and Pizza Hut are the two leading competitors in the Indian pizza industry. Up until 1996, pizza in India meant a bready dough base smeared with ketchup. But in 1996, international pizza chains flooded the Indian market with their own versions. They claimed to have the original recipe from Italy. This sparked a competitive spirit as people tried to grab the biggest pie they could find.

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