Desserts That Start With the Letter C

desserts that start with c

There are many delicious desserts that begin with the letter c. From cookies and cakes to ice cream and candy, there are many different desserts that start with the letter C. You can also find desserts that start with s such as souffle and sorbet. Other examples include scones and strawberry shortcake. And if you’re looking for desserts that start with q, you’ll find Queen of puddings, Qottab, and Quesito. And if you’re looking for some desserts that start with q, there are also a lot of different desserts that start with Q, including puddings from many different cultures.

Caramel apples

Caramel apples are a tasty treat that starts with the letter C. You can prepare them in advance and refrigerate them. They can also be microwaved at half power for 20 to 30 seconds. Before making these sweet treats, you should wash the apples and dry them well. Next, you can skewer them using apple sticks or popsicle sticks. You can then heat the apples in a medium pot. A thick-walled pot is ideal so you do not burn the caramel.

To make caramel apples, you first have to wash and dry the apples. It is best to use organic apples, since they do not have a waxy coating. You can also use a hot water bath to remove any excess wax. Then, place the apples on a baking sheet. When the caramel is set on the apples, you should chill them to prevent them from sliding off the sheet.

Caramel and apple are a classic pairing, which is why they are everywhere during fall. You can make a delicious caramel apple at home by following these simple recipes from Beverly Constantine. The chef also offers a series of Gourmet Caramel Apple classes throughout the fall. You can find her latest class schedule on her Instagram page.

Chess pie

Chess pie is a Southern favorite and a traditional dessert that has been around for centuries. Its texture is similar to a type of cheesecake from Europe and is traditionally stored in a chest that held other desserts. This dish is very sweet and sinful, and the recipe calls for a softened butter and sugar mixture.

It is very easy to make and requires only a few ingredients. The crust is usually crispy and the filling is typically silky. The ingredients are cheap and easy to obtain. In addition, the pies do not spoil when kept at room temperature, making them an economical choice.

The traditional recipe calls for eggs, sugar, and butter for the filling. It also requires flour and cornmeal to stabilize the dough. Several bakers use a different thickening agent. While some prefer cornmeal, others use flour. In our recipe, we use both.

Chess pie can be made from several different recipes. It can be made from cookie dough or pie dough. There are also variations that use lemon juice and buttermilk. These variations are both sweet and tangy.


Cremeschnitte is an Austrian dessert that is layered with puff pastry and a custard. The pastry layer is then topped with powdered sugar. Sometimes gelatin or beaten egg whites are added to the mixture. This sweet pastry is then sliced into picture-perfect rectangles and placed in the refrigerator to set. Another variation is the French cremeschnitte, which is also known as a Napoleon pastry. The pastry is made with three layers of puff pastry. The top layer is sometimes finished with a decorative glaze.

To make cremeschnitte, you will need a lined baking pan. The pan should be slightly larger than the puff pastry rectangle and have an overhang. This overhang will help you lift the cremeschnitte out of the pan. Cut the pastry into rectangles or squares according to the recipe. The pastry should be cut with a sharp knife. Be sure to clean the blade after cutting the pastry layers.

A classic Cremeschnitte is an Austrian dessert made with puff pastry and custard. Although it is known by many other names, it is often associated with the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Whether it is a savoury or sweet dessert, it consists of a puff pastry base and a custard cream.


Lebkuchen are a type of German dessert that starts with the letter C. These sweet pastries are made with a mixture of sugar and spices, and are typically baked until soft. These desserts can be made with a pan or air fryer, and can be cooked in just five minutes at 180 C (or 356 F). To make these desserts extra special, you can drizzle them with a chocolate or sugar icing. If you want to keep them neutral in flavor, you can leave them plain.

Although Lebkuchen are usually eaten fresh, you can freeze them if you prefer. Just make sure to defrost them slowly. They will be softer once they have thawed. Make sure to keep them in zip lock bags to prevent them from drying out.

Lebkuchen come in a wide variety of types. Types are distinguished by the type of nuts they contain. Some are sweet, while others are savory. Some are served with jam or honey.


If you’re looking for a delicious and simple recipe, consider trying some Madeleines that start with C. This French treat was first made during the 18th century in the town of Commercy, Lorraine. It is named after a girl who made it for Stanislaw Lezczynski, Duke of Lorraine.

Madeleines are typically baked in individual molds. It is recommended to use one mold at a time and clean the mold between batches. Afterwards, place the madeleines on a wire rack to cool. Once completely cooled, you can serve them dusted with powdered sugar.

One of the keys to making great Madeleines is using butter, but not too much. Just use enough to make each madeleine moist. Brown butter adds a richness and complexity to the flavour. You can also try using oil instead of butter. Another great way to add moisture is to add honey to the batter.

Another popular way to make Madeleines is by dipping them in chocolate. This dessert tastes best when served with a cup of hot tea.

Caramel apple pie

Caramel apple pie is one of the many desserts that start with the letter C. The filling has a rich caramel flavor and the topping is topped with whipped cream. It should sit at room temperature for at least 25 minutes before serving. You can drizzle extra caramel sauce on top if desired.

The first step is to mix the ingredients for the caramel. To make a great caramel, you will need heavy cream, granulated sugar, and light corn syrup. Add some salt to the mixture to give it a proper balance and taste. It also helps to add vanilla extract.

The crust of the pie should be chilled for at least an hour. This will help the fat and gluten in the dough relax. The next step is to bake the pie. After it cools, you should drizzle some caramel sauce over the top of each slice. If you don’t have silicone pie shields, you can use aluminum foil instead.

You can use a traditional pie crust or you can use a lattice crust. Either way, the crust should have a top crust.

Creme streusel

The name creme streusel sounds like a French word, but there are many variations on the original recipe. The streusel topping may be made with flour or nuts. Some variations call for salt or spices. You can even use hazelnut meal or almond flour in place of the regular all-purpose flour.

The basic recipe for creme streusel is quite simple. First, cut the butter into small cubes. Then, mix the butter into the dry ingredients with a fork. You can also use chopped nuts or small pieces of dried fruit. The possibilities for variations are almost limitless.

The recipe can be made in any size tart shell. Just remember to bake it for about 25 minutes, removing it from the oven when the top is golden. This crust can also be used for hand pies. Afterward, allow the streusel to cool before adding the fillings. For a hand pie, the cream cheese layer should be on the bottom. On top, place the fruit slices evenly. Finally, apply the streusel topping over the apples.

A classic creme streusel recipe calls for a combination of butter, flour, and spices. It is also often used to make crumble topping for baked goods. The butter is a key ingredient, so use good quality butter. European-style butter is best, but you can also use unsalted butter. Vegans can also use margarine or vegan butter. Vegetarians can also use Earth Balance.

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