Top 8 Best Barista Oat Milks For Coffee to buy

Barista oat milk is a great alternative to cow’s milk for coffee, tea, and cold brew. The best barista oat milks for coffee have an excellent mouthfeel and don’t taste too overpowering.

However, some barista-blend oat milks are made with additives and excess sugar and fat to make them creamier. The resulting products are often high in inflammation-causing pro-inflammatory oils.

Our Top Picks Best Barista Oat Milks For Coffee

Best Barista Oat Milks For Coffee
Best Barista Oat Milks For Coffee

1. Valio Organic Barista Oat Milk

Oat milk has quickly become a popular plant-based dairy substitute, suitable for vegetarians and those with lactose intolerance. It’s naturally low in fat and can also contain some extra fibre to help keep you feeling fuller for longer, making it a great addition to your diet.

Valio, the biggest dairy brand in Finland, recently launched a barista oat drink as part of their Oddlygood range which focuses on plant-based milks, yogurts and cheeses. The product is certified gluten free, a huge bonus for those with celiac disease or other food allergies and intolerances.

It also contains plant stanol which is licensed from Raisio and is said to reduce the amount of harmful LDL cholesterol in your blood. It’s a vegan milk alternative that you can find in most supermarkets and is also easy to make at home.

It’s made from steel cut oat groats that are blended and then strained through a special cloth. The remaining oat pulp is used to give the milk a creamy texture. It’s also lower in sugar than most other vegan milk products and is free of artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners.

2. ICA Organic Barista Oat Milk

ICA is an Australian company that has been producing plant-based milks and ice creams since 2008. They’re big on the ol’ fashioned word of mouth, so you can trust they’re not wasting your money on low quality.

They have an impressive array of beverages, from coffee to tea to ice cream to juice to milk. The star of the show is their organic barista oat milk, which combines all the best parts of dairy free goodness into one tasty beverage. ICA’s oat milk has the right balance of protein, fiber, sugar, vitamins and minerals to make it a healthy ally in your quest for a wholesome cup of Joe.

The icing on the cake is that it’s certified gluten free. That’s a big deal for anyone with celiac disease or other serious gluten sensitivities.

It’s also a good thing that ICA’s oat milk is the only one of the three we tried to test that was able to stand up to an acidic espresso with minimal dilution, a feat no other vegan barista oat milk was able to pull off.

3. Pacific Foods Organic Barista Oat Milk

In a time when many people are choosing to go vegan, milk alternatives have become an increasingly popular choice. One of the most popular types of non-dairy beverages is oat milk.

It’s a great option for dairy-free or nut-free customers, and it tastes delicious in coffee. But it’s also a bit expensive and contains a lot of sugar.

If you’re looking for an oat milk with a more reasonable price tag, check out Planet Oat (via Walmart). It contains less than four grams of sugar per cup and is a cheaper option than most other brands.

Another inexpensive option is Elmhurst Milked Oats, which has just a handful of ingredients and contains very low amounts of fat and sugar. However, it doesn’t taste as good as some of the other non-dairy beverages on this list.

Pacific Foods makes an oat beverage that is specifically designed for baristas and has a subtle flavor to complement robust espresso. Its creamy texture makes it a great replacement for whole milk in specialty drinks and creates a smooth, glossy micro-foam to help your baristas create latte art. It’s a great product that’s sure to become a customer favorite. It’s also made with organic oats and oat bran for added nutritional value.

4. Dream Organic Barista Oat Beverage

Oatly’s Barista Edition oat milk is made specifically for coffee-drinkers and froths beautifully in hot or cold brew, thanks to an “acidity regulator” in the recipe. It’s also vegan, gluten-free2, and shelf-stable (which means you can keep it in the refrigerator for a while) and comes in five flavors.

While oat milk is not the most common drink, it’s become popular for its creamy texture and healthy benefits–and there are many brands on the market to choose from. So if you’re looking for the best barista oat milk, it’s important to consider taste, nutrition, and cost.

Thrive Market’s unsweetened organic oat beverage is a good choice for drinking on its own or adding to smoothies, overnight oats, and baked goods. It has no hidden ingredients and is shelf-stable.

It’s also a good source of calcium, which is not always the case with dairy-free alternatives. It’s also lower in calories than cow’s milk.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, low-cost alternative to cow’s milk, then Dream is the way to go. It’s shelf-stable and comes in convenient quart sizes, making it easy to stock up and avoid waste. This is a great option for households that often go through a lot of milk.

5. Minor Figures Organic Barista Oat Milk

Minor Figures is a UK-based company that sells a wide range of dairy alternatives. They also produce a range of pre-made brews and coffee beans. Their products are designed for baristas and enthusiasts alike, blurring the lines between professional and amateur.

The oat milk they produce is fully foamable and steams and pours like normal milk. It is also a great option for those with allergies to dairy or lactose.

It is also organic, which is good news for those who are concerned about the environment. It also offsets its CO2 emissions to be carbon neutral, which means it’s a sustainable company and a good choice for those who care about the planet.

This oat milk was a pleasant surprise to try. It was a little more creamy than many other plant-based options and had a nice coffee flavour to it. However, it did not froth well and I did not get the silky microfoam that Minor Figures advertises on its carton. It also did not taste as good as some other oat milks that I’ve tried. Hopefully they’ll come out with a better oat milk in the future. If you’d like to try it out, check out their website or find it at select retailers stateside.

6. lt Organic Barista Oat Beverage

One of the best-looking milk alternatives on the market, lt’s organic barista oat beverage is designed to create an eye-catching foamy milk cup that’s sure to impress. It’s the perfect size for a latte and froths well when added to hot or cold coffee or tea. It’s also an excellent choice for those with dairy sensitivities.

While this is not a particularly affordable oat beverage, it has all the best ingredients and comes in a handy-sized resealable bag to make oaty lattes on the go. It’s not as high in fat or sugar as some of the more expensive choices, but it is a very nutrient-rich alternative to cow’s milk. It does have a small (and not so fun) downside: it doesn’t keep well in the refrigerator, but it is shelf-stable and comes in a variety of flavors that are easy to find at your local grocer. We highly recommend this oat beverage as it can be used to its fullest potential, from making coffee to adding to smoothies and other desserts. It’s also the most eco-friendly oat beverage on our list.

7. Oatly Barista Oat Milk

If you’re trying to avoid dairy, oat milk is an excellent option. It’s a creamy, dairy-free alternative that’s also naturally gluten-free and nut-free.

Oatly’s barista oat milk is a good choice for coffee drinkers looking for a low-fat and creamy option. It’s made with oat base and low erucic acid rapeseed oil, which is what makes it “barista-friendly,” preventing it from curdling in hot or cold coffee.

It’s fortified with vitamins B2 (riboflavin) and B12, which have been linked to numerous health benefits, including a lower risk of heart disease. It’s also high in beta glucan, a type of soluble fiber that’s been linked to heart and immune system benefits.

In addition, oats are an excellent source of calcium. It’s an important nutrient for strong bones and teeth, as well as for maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

However, you’ll want to make sure that the oat milk you choose is fortified with vitamin D and B12, which can be difficult to find in oat products. A lack of these nutrients can also lead to calcium deficiency, which may contribute to osteoporosis. It’s always best to choose a high-quality, fortified oat milk that’s made with certified gluten-free oats.


The best barista oat milks for coffee are those that have been designed specifically for use in espresso and other coffee drinks. These oat milks have a creamy texture and provide a rich, smooth flavor to any cup of joe. Oat milk is also naturally sweet, making it the perfect complement to medium or dark roast coffees. Furthermore, oat milk is full of essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron and Vitamins B2, B12 and D.

Oat milk can be used in lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and other espresso-based drinks where steamed milk is required. Generally speaking, these will require around 40% less oats than regular barista milks since the water content has already been reduced. To compensate for this lost sweetness, some brands add sugar or syrup to their oat milks before selling them in stores.

Those looking for an even more indulgent experience should opt for the high-end barista grade oat milks which are free from added sugars or syrups and offer a much richer taste due to their higher concentrations of oats. This makes them ideal for drinks like flat whites or cortados where a stronger flavor profile is desired.

Additionally, these types of barista grade oat milks often have added ingredients like vanilla extract or cinnamon powder which further enhances their flavor profiles making them quite popular among coffee connoisseurs around the world!

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Top 8 Non Toxic Bakeware Sets to buy

Whether you’re a seasoned baker or you’re looking for new bakeware, the best way to detox your kitchen is with non toxic bakeware set. Often, standard baking sheets and ovenware are coated with Teflon, which can be harmful for your health.

Instead, look for PTFE and PFOA-free bakeware that uses ceramic, clay, or borosilicate glass. These materials are naturally non-stick, easy to clean, and safe in high temperatures.

Top Rated Non Toxic Bakeware Sets Lists

Non Toxic Bakeware Sets
Non Toxic Bakeware Sets

1. Le Creuset Stoneware Covered Rectangular

This rectangular casserole dish from Le Creuset is a classic that can transition straight from the oven to the dinner table. It’s made of a durable porcelain enamel-glaze that prevents scratching, chipping, and stains and is designed to be odor-resistant.

It’s also dishwasher-safe and comes in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles. It’s ideal for casserole dishes, like mac and cheese and lasagna, as it has a slick surface that helps food brown without sticking to the edges.

The stoneware heats evenly and efficiently, which makes for a great cooking experience. It can handle high temperatures, so you can sautee and simmer your ingredients to perfection. It also cleans up easily, and can keep food hot for three hours with the lid on.

Unlike other ceramics, this dish is safe from lead and cadmium. It’s formed from hardened, lead-free French clay and fired at a whopping 2156 degrees, sealing the ceramic and preventing metal from leaching into your food.

Another benefit of this piece is that it doubles as a platter, allowing you to serve your food with ease and in style. Its loop-style handles make it easy to grab, and the lid has raised, textured handles that are perfect for serving.

This 16-piece non toxic bakeware set from GreenLife is free from PFOA, PFAS, cadmium, and lead, so you can cook your foods with confidence. It includes a 4″ mini fry pan, an 11″ frying pan, a 2 quart saucepan with lid, a 3 quart casserole, an 8 quart stockpot with a lid, and a stainless steel steamer.

2. Xtrema Ceramic Bakeware

If you’re looking for a set of non toxic bakeware, Xtrema is a great option. The company makes all of their cookware using pure ceramic, which is one of the safest materials for cooking and baking. It’s also non-stick and PFAS (PFA) free, so it won’t leach any chemicals into your food.

Xtrema ceramic pots and pans are oven, microwave, and freezer safe, too, which is great news. They’re also made of renewable raw materials and have a much cleaner manufacturing process than metal cookware.

Another reason to pick Xtrema over other brands is that they’re third-party tested for heavy metals. They’re also backed by a generous 10-year warranty against thermal breakage, so if it breaks or chips, you’re covered.

There are a few different sizes to choose from. The Versa 10-piece set is an excellent place to start if you’re just getting started with ceramic cookware. It includes a 1.5-quart saucepan, a 7-inch skillet, and a lid for both.

These are smaller pots and pans than many other brands, so they are a good choice for people who only need to cook for a single person or a couple of people at a time. If you need a larger saucepan or stockpot, you can purchase them separately.

Xtrema ceramic bakeware is easy to clean and comes in beautiful colors. It’s also third-party tested for heavy metals and other contaminants.

3. Gotham Steel Titanium-Ceramic Bakeware

Gotham Steel is a well-known brand of nonstick ceramic cookware. Its Tri-Cerama coating is free of PFOA and PTFE, and it’s often featured on infomercials.

Its nonstick works well when new, but it’s not a good choice for everyday cooking. It’s thin and can heat unevenly, which can lead to scorching or burning. It’s also prone to warping and dents.

We like that Gotham Steel’s nonstick is safe for use with metal utensils, but we’d still rather have a pan with cast iron or stainless steel. And while Gotham Steel’s Tri-Cerama coating does a great job of resisting scratches, it doesn’t prevent them entirely.

The other thing to keep in mind with ceramic pans is that they have a shorter lifespan than pans made of cast iron or stainless steel. That means that you’ll have to replace them more frequently.

Finally, we’d recommend going with a brand that offers at least a 10 year warranty on the pans you buy. But this won’t cover manufacturer defects.

We like that the Gotham Steel line has encapsulated bases, which make them induction compatible. The encapsulated base also helps the pans resist warping. And the flat handles are nice for stacking and being comfortable to hold.

4. Casaware Ceramic Bakeware

Traditionally, bakeware was made from non-stick coatings like PTFE (teflon) or PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid). But both these substances leach toxic chemicals into your food.

There’s a newer non-stick option that doesn’t leach any of the toxins: a ceramic-coated carbon steel sheet. These sheets are incredibly affordable, and the ceramic coating is free of PTFE, PFOA, PFOS, lead, cadmium, and nickel.

These baking sheets are actually pretty durable and will hold up well under even the heaviest use. However, if you bang them about, the coating will chip and the carbon steel underneath will start to rust.

This set includes a 7” x 11” x 1.5” baking pan, a 9” loaf pan, and a 6” muffin pan. It comes in a variety of colors, and it’s third-party tested for heavy metals.

They’re a great choice for any kitchen and work well for any type of baking you might do. You can bake a loaf of bread, make a pie, roast veggies, or even make lasagna with these baking dishes.

It also comes with a unique storage solution that fits in the same space as the bakeware itself. You can put it on a shelf, in a cabinet, or in a drawer.

This ceramic bakeware set is a good value and you can find it at Amazon for a low price. It comes in a range of colors and includes 2 baking sheets, a muffin pan, a loaf pan, and a rectangle pan.

5. TeamFar Stainless Steel Baking Sheets

If you love to bake, you need baking sheets that are safe for your health. Sadly, most of the popular baking pans out there are coated with chemicals and metals that can leach into your food when used at high temperatures.

If you want to reduce your exposure to toxins in your kitchen, look for non toxic bakeware sets that are made from stainless steel and other materials. They are PFAS free and don’t react with your ingredients, so you can safely use them for baking cookies, cakes and other treats.

This set of 3 nonstick, heavy duty, stainless steel baking sheets is a great option for anyone who likes to bake or wants to start using healthier alternatives in the kitchen. They are available in large (17 x 11 inches), medium (15 x 10 inches) and small (13 x 9 inches) sizes, and stack well for convenient storage.

The sheets are oven-safe to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and have handles with angled edges that make it easy to transport them. The pans are PFOA, PTFE, and BPA-free, and can be used for everything from baking cookies to roasting vegetables.

The stainless steel is nonstick and easy to clean, and the pans are dishwasher safe. It also conducts heat well and prevents warping. It’s also resistant to scratching, and doesn’t contain any aluminum or chromium, which may leach into your food in very small quantities.

6. Pyrex

Pyrex Ceramic Bakeware is one of the most reliable brands for glass cookware, and it has a strong reputation for resilience. Since 1915, these clear pans have been the go-to for biscuits, casseroles and pies. But a few years ago, these famous glass baking dishes started shattering. Some blamed a change in the glass formula, but others argued that it was just another hazard associated with cooking with heat.

The original Pyrex was made out of borosilicate glass, which is much more resistant to thermal shock than soda-lime glass. Eventually, most companies switched to tempered soda-lime, but this doesn’t mean that the Pyrex we buy today isn’t prone to shattering.

In order to minimize your risk of shattering, make sure to check the label on your cookware. Look for lowercase logos that indicate soda-lime glass, or all-caps that say pyrex.

Also, remember to avoid heating up your Pyrex containers with direct heat sources, like an open flame or a stovetop burner. You should also make sure to cover the bottom of your Pyrex dish before placing it in the oven.

In addition to its strength and durability, Pyrex ceramic bakeware is also safe and non-toxic. It’s also easy to clean and won’t off-gas toxic fumes or leach chemicals into your food. And, it comes in nearly a dozen beautiful colors. These ceramic baking sheets are also oven, broiler, and microwave safe, so they’re a great option for anyone looking for a versatile set of non-toxic glass bakeware.


Non-toxic bakeware sets are becoming increasingly popular among health and home conscious consumers. These sets typically include items such as cake pans, muffin tins, cookie sheets, loaf pans, pizza trays, and more. This type of cookware is made with materials that are free of harmful chemicals such as lead, cadmium, Teflon and other PTFE’s (polytetrafluoroethylene). The use of these toxic chemicals in cookware can leach into the food and cause numerous health problems.

Non-toxic cookware has many advantages over traditional cookware. For example, non-toxic bakeware will not contain any chemical coating or lining which eliminates the worry about toxins leaching into your food. Additionally, non-toxic bakeware is easy to clean due to its nonstick surface and it heats evenly making baking more consistent and precise.

Another benefit of using non-toxic bake ware is that it’s sustainable since it won’t release any hazardous byproducts when heated or used for a lengthy period of time. Non-toxic bakeware also tends to be more durable than regular cookware because they are usually constructed with stainless steel or aluminum which provides excellent heat conduction while also being able to withstand high temperatures without wearing down or warping.

Overall, non-toxic bakeware sets are excellent options for those looking to reduce their exposure to potentially dangerous toxins that come with traditional cookware. As an added bonus, these sets often come with a variety of shapes and sizes so you can always find the perfect fit for whatever recipe you’re cooking up!

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Top 9 Best Pastry Brushes America’s Test Kitchen Has Tested

If you want to bake a cake or pastry, the best pastry brushes America’s Test Kitchen is a must have. They’re used to apply butter or margarine, egg wash, or a sauce evenly on a pan.

There are many types of brushes, but the best type depends on your specific cooking needs. Some are designed for sweets, while others work best for savory applications.

Best Pastry Brushes America’s Test Kitchen Lists

Best Pastry Brushes
Best Pastry Brushes America’s Test Kitchen

1. OXO Good Grips Silicone Brush

The OXO Good Grips Silicone Brush works like a natural bristle brush, but with the conveniences of heat resistance and quick-clean convenience. Gaps in the center bristles hold liquid for easy transfer and tapered outer bristles let you baste with ease.

The basting brush is a staple for marinating poultry and roasts, or spreading butter on hot pans as they’re cooking in the oven. Its multi-layered bristles are heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and won’t clump, frizz or retain odors.

The brush head is angled to keep the bristles off the counter, and the soft non-slip grip is comfortable for use. The brush is also dishwasher safe and BPA free.

2. Winco Round 1-Inch Brush

If you’re looking for a good quality pastry brush, there’s no doubt that the Winco Round 1-Inch Brush is the best in the business. It features a hefty, sturdy wood handle and durable boar bristles that absorb liquid well. It’s also the best pastry brush we’ve ever tested, thanks to its rounded and tapered end that fit perfectly into the small crimped corners of a pie crust.

This oblong-shaped pastry brush is designed to be a one-stop shop for all your baking and cooking needs, allowing you to coat butter, oil and water in a flash. The patented boar bristle material is a top-notch touch, and it is quite easy to clean thanks to its plastic ferrule and clever design. It will not only save you time, but it’s sure to impress your guests at your next dinner party. Order this pastry brush online at desertcart and get it delivered to your doorstep in 164 countries without the hassle of shipping, customs or duties.

3. Culinary Concepts Boar Bristle Brush

The Culinary Concepts Boar Bristle Brush is our top pick for pastry brushes. It’s made with natural boar bristles that are soft enough to brush delicate doughs and pliable enough for basting large batches of cherry turnovers. It also has an angled head that allows you to get into the corners and nooks of your pie crust.

Our testers loved the ergonomic design of this brush, which makes it easier to get a smooth, consistent line of butter or oil onto your pie crust. It’s also easy to clean, which is a must when you’re a baker.

The triumvirate of bristles is a combination of nylon, silicone and natural boar hair. The silicone bristles are ideal for applying sauces and glazes evenly, while the nylon ones work best for removing stuck-on doughs from your baking sheets. The natural boar bristles are gentle enough to brush delicate doughs without tearing them or leaving an unappealing crimp on your crust.

4. OXO Good Grips Natural Bristle Brush

A natural bristle brush can make all the difference when it comes to applying egg wash, spreading butter or basting sauces and glazes. This OXO Good Grips natural pastry brush is made with thick, all-natural boar bristles that retain softness and pliability better than synthetics.

It also holds more liquid to deliver thorough distribution of egg washes, glazes, butters and sauces with less spillage. This is a must-have for sweet and savory bakers alike.

Like all OXO Good Grips brushes, this one is dishwasher safe and has a soft, non-slip handle that’s comfortable to hold. It features an angled head that keeps the bristles off your counter so your work surface stays cleaner.

5. Culinary Bristle Brush with Wood Handle

The Culinary Concepts Boar Bristle Brush with Wood Handle is the best pastry brush America’s test kitchen has tested. It features a handle made of walnut that’s easy to grip, and natural boar bristles that make it soft and thorough on delicate doughs.

Its angled head allows you to brush hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of a woven pie crust without touching the counter. And it can withstand high temperatures, unlike many natural hair brushes.

Clean your brush regularly for optimal hygiene. This is best done using liquid shampoo or body wash, warm water and a soapy rinse.

You’ll also want to use a rat-tail comb to remove any gunk and hair stuck between the boar bristles. Then, wipe the brush with a towel and place it in an airy place to dry naturally.

The right brush can improve your hair’s health, shine, and texture. And it’s also an eco-friendly beauty tool that won’t cause a ton of waste.

6. Culinary Concepts Boar Bristle Brush

When it comes to smoothing, boosting shine and gently detangling hair, boar bristle brushes have a spot in every hairstylist’s kit. They can be used as a brush or to blow dry hair, but they’re especially good for those with fine or sensitive scalps, says Los Angeles-based hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein.

Unlike many other types of brushes, boar bristles don’t cause any pain or irritation when you’re working with your hair, says Leigh Hardges, a cosmetologist at Conair. In fact, she says they’re the “ultimate tool” for smoothing and softening your strands.

Natural bristles are also great for brushing thick, coarse hair because they’re soft enough to do the job without damaging it, explains wig stylist Ashley Taylor. But it’s best to avoid silicone and nylon brushes, which can get stained or melt if you use them for high-heat basting. Instead, consider a brush with a wooden handle for comfort and durability.

7. Culinary Brush with Wood Handle

A brush is an essential kitchen tool for every task, whether it’s brushing pastry or spreading butter on bread crusts. A good brush will make your work easier and more precise, so you can spend less time and effort in the kitchen and more time enjoying what you’ve made.

The best pastry brush America’s test kitchen has tested is the Culinary Concepts Boar Bristle Brush with Wood Handle, which features natural boar bristles and a wooden handle for an easy-grip, comfortable grip while you brush. It’s also durable and heat resistant to 500 degrees, making it perfect for grilling and basting large batches of meat.

Its wood handle helps ensure a secure, non-slip grip while you brush, and the head is slightly elevated to keep the bristles from touching the counter. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe and is made with natural boar bristles that won’t fall out. The head is shaped to hold plenty of liquid so you can easily brush the inside of crimped edges and other hard-to-reach areas on your pies and tarts.

8. Culinary Brush with Handle

One of the most important tools in your baking arsenal is a quality pastry brush. The best ones are designed with clever engineering in mind. For instance, this Culinary Concepts brush is built to hold and retain a lot of liquid. It also has a smooth handle that’s comfortable to grip, and the bristles are made of a high-quality material.

It is also a good idea to get a high-quality brush with a metal ferrule, which can help prevent rusting and tarnish. While these materials are a bit of a luxury, they are the most durable and last longer than silicone or nylon brushes.

The most effective pastry brush is a mix of both, including a sturdy handle that’s ergonomically designed for your hand, a long-lasting bristle head, and a sturdy metal ferrule. It is also the most elegant and cleverly crafted. It is the best pastry brush America’s test kitchen has ever tested, and we can’t recommend it enough.

9. Culinary

When picking a pastry brush, the style of handle is one of the first things you’ll consider. Wooden handles are ideal for a sturdy grip, while rubber or plastic offer a more affordable option.

The bristles also make a difference. Boar bristles are great for fine hair because they create a shine by closing the strand’s cuticle, while nylon bristles help detangle thick and coarse hair.

Whether you choose natural boar or synthetic bristles depends on your hair type and how often you use the brush. Boar bristles are gentle on your hair, while synthetic bristles can cause breakage, according to Taylor and Butler.

Keep in mind that your brush may lose its effectiveness or smell over time, so it’s important to replace it when necessary. You can do this by removing the buildup of hair or gunk, then thoroughly washing and rinsing it. Then, add a little essential oil to the rinse water to freshen it up.


America’s Test Kitchen is well known for its thorough testing and evaluation of cooking equipment, which includes a variety of pastry brushes. With their rigorous standards in mind, it’s no wonder the kitchen experts have chosen the best pastry brushes for bakers across the country.

The top-rated pastry brush on America’s Test Kitchen is the OXO Good Grips Medium Silicone Pastry Brush. The silicone bristles are designed to hold an ample amount of liquid while providing maximum coverage and control. The handle is designed with a soft grip that provides comfort and stability while brushing, making it ideal for spreading butter, glazes, egg wash or marinades on pastries. The angled head also makes it easy to reach into corners and crevices of pans when baking breads and other pastries.

In addition to the OXO brush, America’s Test Kitchen has given high marks to the Norpro Silicone Pastry Brush for its excellent coverage during baking tasks. This brush has a larger head than most traditional pastry brushes and features flexible silicone bristles that can be bent around shapes and curves in your baking ware. Its ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your hand and gives you plenty of control with each stroke.

Finally, another highly-rated pastry brush from America’s Test Kitchen is the Wilton Silicone Pastry Brush Set. These two brushes come in two different sizes – small and large – so you can tackle all kinds of jobs in the kitchen from basting meats to spreading sauces on pizza dough. Both feature angled heads and long handles that give you greater reach over your dishes as well as better grip while brushing.

When choosing the best pastry brush America’s Test Kitchen recommends considering versatility first; then look at bristle material, size of brush head, length of handle, shape of handle (for comfort), durability, price point and any special features like angled heads or removable heads that make cleaning easier. With these considerations in mind and their expertise on hand, you’ll be sure to pick out the best pastry brush that meets your needs!

Top 9 Best Non Toxic Waffle Irons to buy

If you’re looking for a non toxic waffle iron, look no further. We’ve rounded up the top 9 models with no Teflon and healthy-eco features that will give you a delicious waffle every time!

These ceramic coated waffle makers are free from PTFE and PFOA chemicals. They’re also healthier than traditional non stick models and last up to 11 times longer.

Top 9 Non Toxic Waffle Irons Lists

Non Toxic Waffle Irons
Non Toxic Waffle Irons

1. Calphalon Intellicrisp Waffle Maker

The Calphalon Intellicrisp Waffle Maker is a great option for those who want a high-quality waffle maker. It has a lot of innovative features that make it stand out from the rest.

For example, it has a ceramic-coated cooking surface that delivers 20% more even heat for crisp and fluffy waffles (compared to standard nonstick). It also features a high-contrast LCD screen display with countdown timer for intuitive control and precise results.

This model is also easy to use and clean. Its ceramic-coated plates prevent leaks, and it has indicator lights and a digital display to show you what’s happening.

Another great feature is the built-in steam reserve. It allows you to add more moisture as needed for extra crispy results. Plus, the waffles come out easily and fold away for vertical storage.

2. Cuisinart Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

If you’re a fan of waffles, then the Cuisinart Flip Belgian Waffle Maker is an excellent choice for making these sweet treats at home. Its rotary feature flips 180 degrees to evenly cook the inside and outside of your waffles, which contributes to a crisp and tender outer layer and fluffy-soft center.

This maker also features a browning control knob that allows you to customize the color and texture of your waffles with 5 settings. Level 1 results in light golden waffles with a soft and springy texture, while level 12 produces dark, deep golden waffles with a crunchy exterior and satisfying crunch in the center.

Another bonus for this model is the wrap-around moat surrounding its cooking grids to prevent batter overflow. It also has nonstick plates that wipe clean easily after use.

3. Cuisinart Classic Belgian Waffle Maker

If you’re a fan of traditional Belgian waffles, the Cuisinart Classic Belgian Waffle Maker is a must-have. This 1400-watt appliance features a distinctive rotary feature that flips 180 degrees to evenly cook the inside and outside of each waffle.

Its six browning control settings let you bake the perfect waffle to your preference. Indicator lights and audio beeping help you know when the waffle is ready.

Unlike most waffle makers, this one has detachable plates so it’s easy to clean up afterward. And the brushed stainless steel finish complements any kitchen.

This waffle maker is also equipped with a “Waffle IQ” technology that automatically determines each cook time based on the type of waffle you want to make. Level 1 produces light, springy golden waffles that are soft and a bit fluffy; Level 12 makes deep dark golden waffles that have a satisfying crunch.

4. Cuisinart Mini Belgian Waffle Maker

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable waffle maker, the Cuisinart Mini Belgian Waffle Maker is a great option. It’s a compact design that fits in tight quarters and is perfect for dorm rooms, apartments, and camping.

This waffle maker also comes in a variety of colors and prints so you can match your kitchen decor. It has a brushed stainless steel top cover and nonstick baking plates that release waffles without sticking.

It features a five-setting control that gives you just enough browning to achieve your ideal waffle, plus a light indicator to tell when the waffle is done. There’s also a designated batter pour spout and a locking handle to make cleanup easy.

This model has an audible alarm that beeps three times when it’s ready for the batter and another when it’s done cooking, which is a convenient feature for busy mornings. It also has a nonstick grid and dishwasher-safe plates that come off easily for quick clean-up.

5. Cuisinart Classic Belgian Waffle Maker

The Cuisinart Classic Belgian Waffle Maker cooks two waffles at once, using a distinctive rotary feature to flip 180 degrees so that they cook both inside and out. It also features turn-of-the-dial controls to bake them according to preference, from light and fluffy to brown and crispy.

Its nonstick plates release flawlessly formed, deep pocketed Belgian waffles that are ready to be topped with all your favorite toppings. Its compact design saves counter space, and testers loved the smudge-proof exterior, making it easy to clean.

This double-sided waffle maker is a great choice for a breakfast-themed kitchen or sleepovers where guests are hungry and will eat more than one or two waffles. It features double-sided Mickey face molds, which make it easy to churn out large batches of waffles quickly and easily.

6. Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker with Flip

The Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker with Flip is a versatile and well-built kitchen appliance that can make a restaurant quality, 1-inch thick Belgian waffle. It also features a distinctive rotary feature that flips 180 degrees to evenly cook the batter inside and out.

This machine is a double waffle maker, meaning that you can cook two full-size Belgian waffles at a time. It’s a great choice for a large family or group of friends who want to make breakfast together.

It also features a browning control knob that adjusts between five settings from light to dark. This makes it easy to bake a variety of Belgian, classic, chocolate or buttermilk waffles according to your preference.

If you’re looking for a waffle maker that’s easy to clean, look for models with detachable plates. You can often hand wash these with a mild soap and water or place them in the dishwasher.

7. Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker with Flipside

Cuisinart’s Belgian waffle maker with Flipside is the perfect tool to make your family a breakfast that’s fast, flavorful and fluffy. The rotary feature flips 180 degrees to evenly cook both the inside and the outside, while five browning settings help you set your desired crisp level with ease.

The nonstick plates release a flawlessly formed Belgian waffle with deep pockets for fillings like jams, whipped cream and fruit. A digital countdown clock keeps you on track for cooking success, and the easy-to-clean ceramic surface wipes clean in seconds.

With its compact design, this waffle maker is also great for storing vertically in a cabinet to save counter space. Testers also loved the smudge-proof exterior, making it an attractive addition to any kitchen.

8. Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker with Flipside XL

One of the most popular breakfast foods, waffles are a soft and fluffy treat that can be made in just minutes with your own batter. They’re also great for topped with fruits, meats and whipped cream.

There are several options for making a waffle, including rotating models that flip the plates to evenly distribute the batter. Depending on the model, you may also have different browning settings and timers to choose from.

This Cuisinart model has a vertical design that takes up little counter space while cooking. It’s also very easy to clean. Its nonstick baking plates ensure flawlessly formed, deep pocketed Belgian waffles. Its distinctive rotary feature rotates 180 degrees to evenly cook both inside and out, resulting in more consistent waffles and a better texture.

9. Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker with Flipside

When it comes to breakfast, nothing compares to a crispy waffle served hot and fresh from the maker. That’s why the Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker with Flipside XL is a great choice for any home cook.

The rotary feature flips 180 degrees to evenly cook the waffles inside and out, resulting in deliciously thick, consistent waffles with better texture than standard ones. It also features nonstick plates and a ready indicator light that signals when the waffles are done, so you can serve your guests without over-cooking or under-cooking them.

The machine also features a variable browning control, which is ideal for getting just the right amount of crispiness to your waffles. You can set the dial to one of 12 settings from light to dark, and a beep will let you know when your waffles are finished cooking.


Searching for the best non toxic waffle irons can be a tricky process. It’s important to look for an iron that is made with non-toxic materials, so you know your meals are safe and healthy. A good place to start is looking at the type of material used in the construction of the waffle iron. For example, cast iron waffle makers typically contain lead, a toxic metal that is known to cause health problems if ingested or inhaled. As such, it’s best to avoid cast iron when shopping for a non-toxic option.

One popular alternative is stainless steel waffle irons. This material does not contain any lead or other hazardous materials and is considered one of the safest options on the market. It also heats quickly and evenly, so your waffles will have a golden brown exterior without burning or scorching. Stainless steel irons are also very durable and easy to maintain, making them ideal for long-term use.

Another great option is ceramic waffle makers. Ceramic models are made without any toxins or heavy metals like lead, which makes them much safer than traditional cast iron models. Additionally, ceramic models retain heat well and often have adjustable temperature settings for even cooking on both sides of your waffles. They’re also dishwasher safe and easy to clean with just soap and water.

Finally, you may want to consider buying an electric waffle maker that uses non-stick plates instead of traditional metal surfaces. Non-stick plates are usually made with Teflon or another type of plastic coating that doesn’t contain any unhealthy chemicals or toxins. They guarantee even cooking on both sides of your waffles every time and require little effort to keep clean as they don’t stick food particles onto their surface like metal plates do when baking your treats.

There are several great options out there when it comes to finding a safe and non-toxic waffle maker that won’t disappoint you in terms of performance or safety concerns! With some research into different materials available on the market today, anyone can find the right product that fits their needs perfectly!

Top 8 Best Waffle Maker With Removable Plates

Top 7 Best Non Toxic Waffle Makers

Top 9 Best Cake Pop Makers

Top 7 Best Electric Kettles to buy

If you’re in the market for the best electric kettle, you may want to consider features like temperature control or automatic shutoff. Some kettles also have programs that allow you to set the time and temperature for certain teas or drinks.

Reviewers like that this one-liter kettle comes to a boil in around seven minutes, then switches off automatically. It’s a great budget option that’s durable enough to withstand hard water in your home, too.

Best Electric Kettles Lists

Safest Electric Kettles
best Electric Kettles

1. Breville Smart Kettle

The Breville Smart Kettle is the best electric kettle for those who want more control over the water temperature of their tea and coffee. This kettle features five preset temperatures for black, green, white and oolong teas and French press coffee, so you can brew exactly the right drink every time.

It also comes with a keep warm button that keeps the water at the chosen temperature for 20 minutes. It can be activated during the brewing cycle or after it finishes.

Another safety feature is the soft-open lid, which prevents splashing of hot water when you pour and gently releases steam. This is important to reduce the risk of burns if your hands come in contact with a burning kettle.

The Breville Smart Kettle is a cordless kettle with a spacious 1.7L capacity that makes it easy to boil water quickly. It also has a 360-degree multi-directional base with a cord storage wrap for easy use.

2. Fellow Stagg EKG Gooseneck Kettle

The Fellow Stagg EKG Gooseneck Kettle is a top-notch electric kettle designed primarily for pour over coffee brewing. It comes with variable temperature control, a hold mode to keep water at a desired temperature for up to an hour, and a well-designed gooseneck spout that allows for precision pouring.

It’s also a very attractive kettle, with stunning looks and sophisticated details that make it great for creating a stylish setup. It’s available in different colors, with wooden accents and details.

A 0.9-liter capacity is ideal for most brewers, and the narrow diameter of the gooseneck spout ensures drip accuracy. The flow rate is very gentle, so it won’t cause any agitation in the brewing bed or create too much heat.

This is an advanced electric kettle that can be a bit intimidating to use at first, but it’s well worth the investment if you regularly brew pour over coffee. You’ll be able to get the most out of it by taking your time and focusing on pouring slowly.

3. Cuisinart Kettle

The Cuisinart Kettle CPK-17 PerfecTemp Variable Temperature Electric Kettle is one of the best kettles on the market. It features six preset temperatures that are labeled with recommended tea and coffee options, and it also offers a 30-minute keep warm function.

In addition, it has an auto shut-off feature that automatically turns off when the water has been boiling for a specified amount of time. This feature saves energy and ensures safety by preventing overheating the base of the kettle.

It’s also cordless, which is great for people who don’t want to plug it in every time they use it. Its slim design also makes it easy to move around, and its swivel base means it’s easier to store.

The main advantage of the Cuisinart is its temperature control, which allows you to set the desired temperature for your brew. This is especially helpful if you drink a lot of hot tea or if you like pour-over coffee.

The kettle also has a gooseneck pouring spout, which is ideal for precise pour-overs and allows you to control the flow of water. This model also has a timer, which is handy for when you’re making a large batch of coffee or tea.

4. Alessi Kettle

When you need to boil water quickly, the Alessi Kettle is a safe option. Made from stainless steel, this kettle features a boil-dry protection feature that automatically shuts it off once the water has boiled.

This tea kettle is also non-leaching so you don’t have to worry about any toxins seeping into your boiling water. Its stainless steel design is also BPA-free and phthalate-free so you can have peace of mind knowing that your water is safe to drink.

It’s a great choice for minimalists who are looking to add a bit of style to their kitchen without breaking the bank. You can choose from three different sizes: 1.75 L, 1.7L and a 1.3 L capacity, and the handle is ergonomically designed for easy gripping.

The kettle’s mirror-polished 18/10 stainless-steel construction is a design classic that’s been around for years. Its red bird whistle and blue handle are crafted from thermoplastic resin, and the wide base makes it suitable for induction hobs.

It’s the perfect addition to any modern home. Its sleek, slender design is reminiscent of a pleated fashion dress and is available in several colours to suit any kitchen. It also has a thermally insulated base and a 1.7 L capacity, making it a great option for everyday use.

5. Quickone Kettle

The Quickone Kettle is one of the best electric kettles you can buy, thanks to its 304 or 316 food-grade stainless steel. Not only does this material not leach harmful chemicals into your water, but it also doesn’t rust.

In addition, this kettle is available in a range of colors and sizes to suit your needs. It can be used on any stove top (including glass ones that don’t work with some kettles) and is easy to clean.

Another benefit of this kettle is its whistle. It makes a loud whistling sound when the water is ready, which eliminates the need to set a timer.

A lot of other electric kettles have whistles that are too soft and quiet to hear from a distance, which can be confusing. The whistle on the Quickone kettle is loud enough that you can hear it from a distance, but not so harsh that it’s too harsh for sensitive ears.

It’s important to choose a safe kettle if you drink tea. Research has shown that plastic can contain toxic chemicals that leach into your water, so if you’re drinking tea on a regular basis, you want to avoid using a kettle made from plastic.

6. Proctor Silex Kettle

The Proctor Silex Kettle is a great choice for those who want a fast and convenient way to boil water. It has a quick boiling system that can bring water to a boil in less than seven minutes, which saves you time and energy.

It also has a non-stick surface, which makes it easy to clean up any mess. This makes it perfect for making soups, pasta, oatmeal, and more!

You can even adjust the temperature of the water if you want to. This allows you to enjoy different kinds of teas without having to worry about whether the water is too hot or not.

This is a great option for those who are looking for an affordable and reliable electric kettle. It also has a few safety features to make sure that you’re not hurting yourself or your family while using it.

Another good thing about this kettle is that it has an auto shut off feature. This will prevent the water from continuously running and causing damage to the kettle. It will also shut off if the water is too dry, which will help to keep it from burning you or your family.

7. Mueller Kettle

If you’re looking for a safe electric kettle, the Mueller Kettle is an excellent choice. It has a stay-cool handle that prevents your hands from getting burnt, and it also comes with a straight pour spout to make it easy to pour out water.

It also has a safety auto shut-off and boil dry protection features, so you can be confident that it’s safe to use. Plus, it has a fast boiling capacity, so you’ll be able to boil water quickly if you need it.

The Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Tea Kettle is one of the most stylish and affordable electric kettles on our list. It costs less than $200, which is a fraction of the price of some other models we’ve seen on the market.

The kettle’s body is made from borosilicate glass, which means it will last for a long time, and the rest of the components are made from 304 stainless steel. Both materials are a better alternative to plastic, as they won’t leach dangerous chemicals into the water. It also has water level markings instead of a plastic window, so you won’t have to guess how much water is in the tank.


Electric kettles are a staple kitchen appliance that many of us use daily. When selecting an electric kettle, it is important to consider the safety features of the model you choose so that your family can enjoy hot beverages without worry.

Here are some of the best electric kettles on the market right now.

The Breville Smart Kettle is a top-of-the line electric kettle with advanced safety features. Its user interface includes three distinct settings: one to make tea, one to boil water, and one to keep warm at a set temperature. To make sure you never overheat your water, this kettle has an auto shutoff feature that triggers when it reaches boiling point and senses if there’s too little or no water in the tank; this prevents dangerous steam buildup and protects against electrical hazards. Additionally, its stainless steel exterior is cool-to-the-touch and its secure lid keeps children away from potential danger.

The Chefman Electric Kettle is another safe option for those looking for convenience and safety in their kitchen appliances. It is equipped with Quickboil technology which ensures fast heating with its 1500 watt power base and quick heat coils. This helps prevent accidental burning due to prolonged heating time. In addition, it has a stay-cool handle and lockable lid so you don’t burn yourself while pouring out hot water or trying to open the lid afterwards; both features help protect your hands from harm. Furthermore, its auto shutoff feature turns off after two minutes of nonuse for added safety assurance.

For those who prefer glass kettles over metal ones, the Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Kettle is a great choice. With a stainless steel accents on a glass body, this modern style kettle offers practicality as well as aesthetic appeal to any kitchen countertop décor. Its cordless structure allows for easy portability, while its automatic shutoff feature prevents boiling dry accidents that could be hazardous when dealing with glass materials. The ergonomic handle also stays cool during operation so you can pour out steaming hot liquid without fear of burns or injuries occurring in the process.

These are just some of the most popular electric kettles available today that offer plenty of safety features for users’ convenience and peace of mind when making home brewed beverages or cooking meals where hot liquids are involved..

All three models mentioned above come equipped with helpful features such as smart temperature control systems, stay-cool handles and lids for protection against burns and scalds as well as auto shutoffs that help prevent hazardous steam buildup in case something does go wrong during use!

Top 9 The Best and Safest Electric Kettle to buy

Top 8 Best Cookie Presses America’s Test Kitchen

What are looking for the best cookie presses America’s Test Kitchen?

When it comes to making cookies, a cookie press is a must-have kitchen tool. These versatile appliances create a variety of pressed sugar cookies, cheese straws, and other treats.

They’re a great way to add pizzazz and flair to baked goods, and they’re super easy to use. Some of these models even come with extra discs or decorations for extra customization!

Best Cookie Presses America’s Test Kitchen Lists

Top Picks: Marcato Atlas Biscuit Maker Cookie Press

Best Cookie Presses
Best Cookie Presses America’s Test Kitchen

1. OXO Good Grips Cookie Press

A cookie press is a great way to make large batches of beautiful, uniform cookies in fun shapes. Whether you’re getting ready for a holiday cookie swap or just have the kids baking with you, this press offers the convenience of creating consistent cookies every time.

This OXO Good Grips model comes with a variety of stainless steel disks, and an included storage case and comfortable grip. It dispenses dough with each press of the lever and has a clear cylinder to show how much is left in the canister.

It also features a pistol grip handle that helps you to hold the press steady as you extrude dough. The press comes with a wide array of discs and icing tips that allow you to create a wide range of designs.

Choosing the right cookie press is all about finding one that suits your needs and preferences. This can be tricky, as there are many different models available on the market. However, there are a few key things to consider when looking for the best cookie press:

2. Cuisinart Cookie Press

For those looking to simplify their baking routine, this press is a great choice. It features a comfortable lever that is perfect for hand strength, as well as a clear cylinder to monitor the amount of dough you are working with.

You can use it with different types of dough, including gluten-free and low-fat versions. It also comes with a storage box, so it’s easy to keep everything together and clean.

It’s also made with stainless steel and can be hand-washed for a clean kitchen tool after every batch of cookies.

Electric cookie presses are a bit more expensive than manual models, but they offer consistent results that make them ideal for large batches of desserts. They are usually powered by batteries or a cord, and they operate quickly.

They are also more durable than their manual counterparts, and they can be used for a wide range of cookie designs. They’re also less tiring after a few baking sessions, and they can be useful for people with arthritis or weak hands.

3. Cuisinart Cookie Press Plus

If you want to get really creative with your cookie shapes, a good cookie press will help you achieve the look you’re going for. These tools can help you produce a variety of shapes in no time at all, and some even come with added accessories like discs or decorating tips.

Cuisinart Cookie Press Plus is a top-rated and customer-loved press that offers a lot of benefits. It is easy to use, has a great grip, and is super convenient to clean.

It comes with a number of different styles and designs of disks, which makes it easy to create a wide range of cookies. It also includes a storage case for the disks, which is great for keeping them safe and in place.

With a clear barrel, you can easily see how much dough is left inside, so there’s no need to worry about wasting your dough. This press also features a soft-grip trigger and a comfortable hourglass handle. It can hold up to 35 small or 25 large cookies at a time, and it even disassembles for easy cleaning.

4. Cuisinart Cookie Press Stainless Steel

If you love to bake cookies but often find yourself with a large batch of dough that you want to press, this is the best cookie press for you. It has a comfortable, ergonomic design with a clear tube that allows you to track how much dough is left in the barrel. It also comes apart easily for easy cleaning and quick filling.

This Cuisinart electric cookie press makes it easy to create consistent cookies with just one touch of the button. Its see-through tube lets you keep an eye on how much dough is left and the non-slip handle and base ensure that you get steady, comfortable pressure.

It also comes with 12 stainless steel discs ranging in seasonal shapes, plus a set of six decorating tips for added versatility when making cookies. It’s durable and dishwasher-safe, too!

It’s made of high-quality materials and is built to last. Its plunger-style shaft is made of steel, anodized aluminum and ABS for maximum durability. The discs are also dishwasher safe and come in a convenient case so you don’t lose them in the bottom of your utensil drawer.

5. Cuisinart Cookie Press Stainless Steel Plus

The Cuisinart Cookie Press Stainless Steel Plus offers the perfect mix of features for those looking for a high-quality cookie press. It’s lightweight and easy to clean, and comes with a range of accessories right out of the box.

Its non-slip base and non-slip press lever make it comfortable to use, and the clear cylinder allows you to see how much dough remains inside. It also disassembles quickly for loading and cleaning.

This Cookie Press is a fantastic option for those who are new to cookie making, as it can be used to create different sizes of cookies without sacrificing quality. It also has a limited lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that you’re buying a quality product.

The number of discs included in this set are also very cute, with 12 different styles including heart, flower, snowflake tree, leaf, and butterfly shapes. This makes it perfect for holiday baking, and the variety of disks means you can create a wide range of shapes for your cookies.

6. Cuisinart Cookie Press Stainless Steel Mini

If you’re a baker who loves to create a variety of cookies, then a cookie press can help you take your dessert-making skills to the next level. They’re easy to use, and they make it possible to whip up a lot of delicious treats quickly.

However, if you’re looking for a quality press that will last you for years to come, we recommend this model from Cuisinart. Its sturdy design and metal construction ensure that it’ll stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

It also comes with a variety of cookie discs, including number-shaped disks for Christmas cookies and stars, flowers, and more. In addition, the set includes piping tips for decorating your creations.

This oven-safe cookie press can dispense up to 35 small and 20 large cookies at a time, making it a good choice for anyone looking for a sturdy yet lightweight device. It’s also easy to fill, monitor, and use, and the clear tube lets you see how much dough is left when it’s time to clean.

7. Cuisinart Cookie Press Stainless Steel Plus Mini

Using a cookie press is an effective way to shape cookies and other treats. It allows you to customize your cookies into a variety of shapes, including hearts, flowers, and even snowflake trees.

The Cuisinart Cookie Press Stainless Steel Plus Mini is one of the best models for making cookies that are cute and delicious. It comes with an array of piping tips and disks that are sure to give you many options for decorating your baked goods.

It also features a clear barrel that lets you easily see how much dough is left inside. You can also disassemble it for easy cleaning.

It’s made with food-grade stainless steel, which makes it durable and safe to use. Besides, it’s lightweight and compact, so it’s easy to carry around. This makes it perfect for any home cook who wants to make homemade cookies.

8. Cuisinart Cookie Press Stainless Steel Plus

If you’re looking for a cookie press that will help you prepare large batches of cookies, this model from Cuisinart is an excellent choice. It offers one-touch operation and an ergonomic handle for easy use. It’s also dishwasher safe, so you can get a lot of use out of it.

This cookie press includes a storage case for the stainless steel discs, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. Plus, it comes with 16 shaped discs and six icing tips to make sure you have everything you need to bake great cookies every time.

It’s also made from stainless steel and plastic, so it’s sturdy and durable. It has a clear tube that lets you know how much dough is left, and the removable parts come apart easily for easy cleaning.

This electric cookie press is a great choice for anyone who loves to bake and wants to make a variety of different shaped cookies. It’s got 12 traditional cookie discs and four holiday discs that let you choose from various shapes and patterns.


When it comes to creating delectable, beautiful cookies, the best cookie presses on the market come from America’s Test Kitchen. Their cookie presses are designed with home bakers in mind, making it easy to quickly and effortlessly craft perfect-looking batches of treats.

The presses are made from durable stainless steel and feature a generous capacity of up to 15ml, great for larger batches while also boasting a non-stick interior coating that makes it easy to pop out your finished cookies.

Additionally, their products feature an adjustable disc control that allows you to customize your cookie shape as well as multiple decorating discs for maximum variety. With all these features and more, you can rest assured knowing that your cookies will look as good as they taste.

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Top 9 Best Cookie Sheets America’s test kitchen

Top 9 Best Hemp Milk Products to buy

If you’re looking for a dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk, you can’t go wrong with the best hemp milk. It’s high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, plus vitamin E and iron for your healthy heart.

Hemp milk is also nut-free, so it’s a great choice for those with nut allergies or those who have a strict dietary restriction.

Best Hemp Milk Lists

Best Hemp Milk
Best Hemp Milk

Best Hemp Milk Brands

1. Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein is one of the most nutritious plant-based proteins you can get. It contains all the essential amino acids your body needs, and it also contains a good amount of fiber to help with digestion.

Hemp is an excellent source of protein for vegetarians and vegans as it has no saturated fat or cholesterol and it does not contain any chemical additives or artificial flavors or colorings. It’s also a great source of vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

It contains 66% edestin, a bioactive globulin protein that’s easily digested, making it ideal for anyone looking to increase their dietary intake of hemp-based protein.

Nutiva offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free. It’s available in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Unflavored & Unsweetened flavors.

2. Goodmylk

Hemp is one of the most nutrient-dense milk products on the market, boasting all the vitamins and minerals you’d expect from dairy. It also contains high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which can boost brain health and reduce inflammation.

Hemp milk can be used to replace conventional dairy milk in smoothies, coffee, and latte art, and is great for people who are vegan or dairy sensitive. It’s also a good source of magnesium, which is essential for muscle function and bone strength.

Hemp milk can be found in grocery stores, coffee shops, juice bars, and smoothie restaurants. It’s available in unsweetened and sweetened versions. It’s also made using flash-frozen technology, allowing it to be stored longer without the use of preservatives.

3. Living Harvest Tempt

Living Harvest Tempt captures the creamy, refreshing taste of traditional milk in a plant-based dairy-free beverage. It’s an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and high in calcium and vitamin D to deliver superior nutrition with every sip.

This proprietary recipe transforms tiny hemp seeds into the creamiest, most refreshing and delicious hemp milk you’ll ever try. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, all 10 essential amino acids and Omega 3 & 6 “good” fats, Tempt will make your heart sing, your skin glow and your taste buds grin.

This shelf-stable beverage is available at natural food and grocery stores across the country. It also makes a great alternative to coffee. You can also add it to your favorite smoothie. Tempt is a healthy alternative to milk and is a great choice for anyone looking to reduce their intake of sugar. It is also a good option for those with celiac disease or other dietary restrictions.

4. Pacifica Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is a healthy, non-dairy alternative to cow’s milk that is easy to make at home. It has an earthy, nutty flavor and a creamy consistency that makes it perfect for adding to coffee, tea, cereal, smoothies, or any recipe that calls for milk.

It is a great choice for people who are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, or have tree nut allergies. It is also low in THC (the psychoactive compound that makes marijuana users feel “high”), so it’s safe to use for anyone who is sensitive to cannabis.

Moreover, hemp milk is a good source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the ideal ratio of 1:3 which promotes brain and heart health. It is also a good source of vitamin A, phosphorus, zinc, and riboflavin which are all beneficial for eye health.

The fatty acids in hemp milk also improve your skin’s health and reduce the risk of diseases such as eczema. It is also rich in arginine, an amino acid that helps lower inflammation and promotes heart health.

5. Hempco

Hempco is a Canadian company that manufactures and distributes hemp food products, including bulk hulled hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, and hemp seed oil. The company’s products are intended for customers 21 years of age or older and can be purchased through CB Insights.

Hempco produces hemp milk by blending water and the seeds of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. This non-dairy beverage is rich in nutrients and can be used as a substitute for cow’s milk in coffee, tea, cereal and smoothies.

It’s a low-calorie, high-protein drink that contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential for heart health and brain function. It also contains arginine, which helps produce nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

Hempco’s products are also a good choice for people who are lactose intolerant, gluten-free, or have tree nut allergies. The company’s products are available online and in stores.

6. Hemp Foods

Hemp milk is a great nondairy alternative that can replace cream in coffee, milk in cereal or yogurt in smoothies. It can also be added to soups, mashed potatoes or baked goods.

It’s also a source of calcium, magnesium and zinc. These nutrients are essential for bone health, energy production, and maintaining a healthy immune system.

Additionally, it’s rich in a healthy ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. This may reduce inflammation in the body, a common cause of chronic disease.

Hemp seeds are also a great source of arginine, an amino acid that helps your body create nitric oxide to lower blood pressure. It also has antioxidant properties, which protect cells from damage.

Hemp is also a great waterwise plant that requires little water to grow and absorbs four times more CO2 than trees do. Hemp is also an eco-friendly food that’s more sustainable than soy and can be used in a wide range of products.

7. Hemp Foods Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is a plant-based beverage made from blending water and hemp seeds (Cannabis sativa). It is a dairy alternative that contains less carbohydrate than cow’s milk.

Hemp milk also has healthy fats and is one of the few plant-based foods that are a complete protein. It is an excellent source of arginine, an amino acid that promotes heart health.

But be sure to read the label before buying because some commercial hemp milks contain sweeteners, salt or thickeners.

Hemp milk is an excellent choice for people who avoid dairy, are vegan or are gluten-free. It is low in sugar and has a nutty flavor. Hemp milk is also a good choice for those with tree nut allergies, and it is an excellent substitute for dairy milk in recipes like smoothies, coffee and cereal.

8. Hemp Foods Hemp Milk Unsweetened

Hemp milk is a dairy-free option that can be used in smoothies, oatmeal, cereals and baked goods. It’s also a great alternative for people with lactose or gluten allergies and is safe for those following a vegan diet.

Hemp seeds are combined with water and sometimes sweeteners to create a milky liquid. It’s low in calories and provides essential nutrients like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin B12, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

It may help reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing LDL cholesterol and raising HDL (‘good’) cholesterol. It’s also high in arginine, which promotes healthy blood pressure.

Besides, hemp milk is also rich in vitamin D and riboflavin. These vitamins are key for bone health and immune function, respectively.

Unlike other plant-based dairy alternatives, hemp milk is naturally gluten-free and low in saturated fat. It is also a complete protein source that contains all the amino acids necessary for your body to properly function.

9. Hemp Foods Hemp Milk Vanilla

Hemp milk is a dairy-free option that can be used in coffee, tea, cereal and smoothies. It has a rich, creamy consistency and a nutty flavor that works well in most recipes.

Hemp is a good source of omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids promote healthy heart function and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. They also support the immune system, protect the skin from UV damage and promote wound healing (7).

It’s also a good source of calcium, which is essential for strong bones. One cup of original, chocolate or vanilla hemp milk contains about half of the 1,000 milligrams of calcium that adults need daily.

It can also be a good source of vitamin B12. Fortified with this vitamin, hemp milk can help boost energy levels and promote mental health. Hemp milk is also low in carbs and calories, making it a good choice for those on a low-carb diet or who are lactose intolerant.


Hemp milk is quickly becoming a popular alternative to dairy milk, and for good reason. It contains all the nutrients of traditional cow’s milk, including protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, B vitamins, vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids. Hemp milk is also free from lactose, making it suitable for those with lactose intolerance or who are vegan. In addition to this, hemp milk is low in calories and naturally sweetened with no added sugar.

The production of the best hemp milk involves pressing the seeds of the plant to extract its oil and then blending it with water. This process creates a light and creamy beverage which can be enjoyed on its own or used as an ingredient in smoothies and other recipes. Its nutty flavor pairs well with both sweet and savory dishes.

One of the best things about hemp milk is that it is highly sustainable compared to dairy products. It requires very little water to produce and has a much lower environmental impact than traditional livestock farming methods. Plus, hemp plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Finally, hemp milk may offer some potential health benefits too! Studies suggest that consuming hemp milk may reduce inflammation in the body as well as provide protection against cancer due to its high antioxidant content. Additionally, it has been found to help support brain health by providing essential fatty acids such as omega 3s which are important for cognitive development.

All in all, it’s easy to see why more people are turning to hemp milk instead of dairy: it’s packed full of nutrients while being completely free from animal products and environmentally friendly too! Whether you’re vegan or just looking for a healthier alternative to regular cows’ milk, why not give hemp milk a try?

Top 7 Best Soy Milk To Buy

Top 8 Best Rice Milk To Buy in 2023

Top 8 Best Barista Oat Milks For Coffee to buy

Top 7 Best Pastry Cutter America’s Test Kitchen

A pastry cutter is a simple kitchen tool that helps you quickly cut flour through cold butter to make flaky pie crusts and other baked goods. It’s easy to use and can save you a lot of time.

America’s Test Kitchen is a popular cooking show that features a number of experts testing different products in their shows. One of them is Adam Ried who reviews small kitchen appliances in short segments.

Our Top Picks

Orblue Dough Blender Pro - Premium Stainless Steel Pastry Cutter with 5 No Flex Blades - Large Size

Last Amazon price update was: March 27, 2023 7:14 am

Spring Chef Dough Blender, Top Professional Pastry Cutter with Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Blades, Medium Size, Black

Last Amazon price update was: March 27, 2023 7:14 am

Zulay Kitchen Dough Blender - Stainless Steel Pastry Cutter, Heavy Duty Dough Cutter With Blades, Pastry Blender And Butter Cutter - Pastry Cutter For Baking (Black)

Last Amazon price update was: March 27, 2023 7:14 am

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Dough Blender and Cutter

Last Amazon price update was: March 27, 2023 7:14 am

PASTRY QUEEN Pastry Cutter for Baking, Perfect Flaky Pie Crust, Dishwasher-Safe Dough Cutter & Blender, Easy Grip Handle, 5 Stainless Steel Blades

Last Amazon price update was: March 27, 2023 7:14 am

Spring Chef - Dough Blender and Pastry Cutter, Stainless Steel Nut, Pie, Pastry and Dough Cutter and Scraper, Multipurpose Baking Tools with Soft Grip Handles, Black

Last Amazon price update was: March 27, 2023 7:14 am

Pro Dough Pastry Scraper/Cutter/Chopper Stainless Steel Mirror Polished with Measuring Scale Multipurpose- Cake, Pizza Cutter - Pastry Bread Separator Scale Knife (1)

Last Amazon price update was: March 27, 2023 7:14 am

1. Lodge Pastry Cutter

A pastry cutter is a must have for anyone who wants to make their own homemade pastries or cakes. They make a big difference in the look and texture of your baked creations, and can also save you a ton of time.

Fortunately, there are several high-quality options available, allowing you to pick the best one for your needs. For instance, this pastry cutter from Lodge is a surefire winner thanks to its quality blades that won’t bend out of place. And it’s hand-washable so you won’t have to worry about a messy sink full of water.

It’s not surprising that it’s the most popular pastry cutter in kitchens everywhere. It’s a good thing, too, because it’s an excellent choice for those who want to whip up something impressive without breaking the bank.

It’s not just for cutting dough; it’s a handy kitchen tool that will serve you well for years to come. The most interesting part about this pastry cutter is its patented multi-blade design that can be used to cut dough and other ingredients in a single motion. In fact, it’s so clever that it’s one of the reasons we chose this as our top pick.

2. Williams Sonoma Pastry Cutter

If you love baking, a pastry cutter is essential. It’ll help you get the right thickness of dough for biscuits, pies and pizzas. You can even use this tool to mix fruit, candy and other ingredients for homemade jams and sauces.

Williams Sonoma has a variety of pastry cutters to suit every kitchen. They’re available in a range of styles, including barrel-style, straight cylinder and tapered rolling pins.

Regardless of the style, it’s important to choose one that has a handle that is comfortable and easy to grip. Oversize handles can be hard on the hands for petite users, while small ones can be too small for larger hands and may lead to joint injuries.

This pastry cutter has a solid wooden handle that’s attractive and durable. The blades are also made from high-quality stainless steel, so they’re rustproof and free from toxins.

This professional-grade pastry cutter is perfect for making biscuits, pies and other sweet treats. The stainless steel blades are twice as thick as those of competitors, so they’ll cut through butter and other ingredients effortlessly. Plus, the handle is easy to hold and clean. It also won’t break easily, so you can use it for a long time.

3. Gorilla Grip Pastry Blender

If you need a sturdy, reliable pastry blender that can handle tough jobs like cutting through large pieces of butter and thick doughs, Gorilla Grip Pastry Blender is an excellent choice. This heavy-duty model is made of stainless steel and won’t rust or bend easily. It also features five blades, so it’s easy to cut through ingredients quickly and effortlessly.

The top handle is non-slip, so it’s safe for handling slippery ingredients, and the blades are dishwasher-safe and sharp. These pastry blenders are useful for everything from mixing pie dough to chopping up fresh fruits and vegetables for homemade jams or sauces.

This pastry blender is a little pricier than others on this list, but it comes with one unique feature you’ll probably love: an integrated cleaning tab that slides along the blades. It’s especially helpful if you’re working with sticky or chunky doughs, because it makes the job faster and easier to clean up.

The pastry blender also has a full steel body and handle that make it feel extremely sturdy and easy to use. It’s also very light, and the handle doesn’t feel weak, so you won’t strain your hands with prolonged use.

4. Spring Chef Pastry Cutter & Dough Blender

When it comes to baking, pastry blenders are an invaluable tool. They make the process of mixing fat (butter, shortening, or lard) into flour much easier, and can also help you achieve a more uniform consistency.

The best pastry blenders are durable and can withstand a lot of pressure without breaking or slipping out of your hands. Some also come with a comfortable grip, preventing wrist fatigue when working with large amounts of dough.

Spring Chef Pastry Cutter & Dough Blender

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty dough blender with thick metal blades, this is one of the better choices. It has five rust-proof stainless steel blades that are perfectly spaced out to cut through foods with ease and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

It also has a comfortable handle that is designed to fit from small to medium hands, making it easy to use for even the most demanding bakers. The oversized rubber grip is also soft and cushioned to prevent wrist fatigue. It is made of professional-grade stainless steel, so it’s built to last. It’s an ideal kitchen tool for baking enthusiasts who want to impress guests with their culinary skills.

5. OXO Good Grips Dough Blender & Pastry Cutter

The OXO Good Grips Dough Blender & Pastry Cutter is a reliable utensil that’s easy to use. Its sturdy stainless steel blades quickly reduce butter or margarine into small pieces for blending with flour and sugar. The non-slip handle absorbs pressure as you work and cushions your hand to keep you comfortable.

This utensil is great for making crumb topping, pie crusts, and other sweet and savory pastry recipes, and it’s dishwasher safe. The five durable, professional-grade blades are crafted of 100% stainless steel.

Its comfortable, soft handle absorbs pressure as you work and cushions the hand to prevent wrist fatigue. It’s also non-slip, so it’s perfect for wet hands.

Another great feature of the OXO Good Grips Dough Blender is its blade placement. The blades are positioned substantially wide apart so they can easily dig into butter and mix it with flour effectively.

If you’re looking for an affordable, well-made pastry blender with a lot of functionality, this one’s for you. The handle is a nice fit for your hand, and it’s relatively thick and heavy duty, too. It’s also dishwasher-safe, so it should be easy to clean up after a few uses.

6. Zulay Kitchen Professional Dough Blender & Pastry Cutter

When you’re baking a variety of pastries, pies, cakes, cookies, or other baked goods, a pastry blender is essential. A pastry blender breaks cold butter into small pieces while blending it with flour for an improved and flaky texture in your finished product.

The utensil has blades that are made of durable stainless steel and is able to cut through a wide range of ingredients including dough, soft-cooked veggies, and even hard-boiled eggs. The utensil also has a handle that is designed with thick rubber for comfort and a soft grip allowing you to work more efficiently.

The Zulay Kitchen Professional Dough Blender & Pastry Cutter is a top choice for many bakers due to its impressive quality construction. It’s tough stainless steel blades are rust-proof and able to cut through the thickest dough. It’s also ergonomically designed for comfortable use and easy cleanup in the dishwasher.

7. Last Confection Dough Blender & Pastry Cutter

A pastry cutter is a kitchen tool that has blades attached to a handle and allows bakers to cut dough into shapes without needing their hands. They can also be used for blending dough.

Pastry cutters can be a great addition to any kitchen, especially if you like to make homemade treats. The best pastry cutters will offer the right combination of convenience, performance and quality to help you cut dough and mix ingredients.

The Last Confection Dough Blender & Pastry Cutter is a professional pastry blender that will deliver exceptional results when you use it to cut dough, prepare biscuits and pie crusts. It features five durable, stainless steel blades that are angled and spaced precisely for optimal mixing.

With a sturdy design and comfortable grip, this kitchen tool can be a great addition to any home or commercial kitchen. The dough blender is also lightweight, making it easy to hold for long periods of time.

This versatile cutter can also be used for mash potatoes, boiled eggs and baby food, making it an essential kitchen tool for anyone looking to make flakier baked foods. The dough blender is also designed to be durable and rust-resistant, making it an excellent choice for a variety of uses around the kitchen.

Top 7 Best Measuring Spoons America’s Test Kitchen in 2023

For recipes that call for precise measurements, you need the best measuring spoons America’s Test Kitchen that are accurate and durable. They should also be comfortable to hold and easy to clean.

Whether you’re making a cake or adding spice to your favorite soup, the right tools can make the difference between a good recipe and a bad one. Here, america’s test kitchen shares their top 7 picks for measuring spoons.

Best Measuring Spoons America’s Test Kitchen Lists

Top Picks: Cuisipro Silver Measuring Spoon Set, Standard

_Best Measuring Spoons

Kate Aspen Simply Elegant Love Beyond Measure Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons

Capture the essence of love with this elegant and functional set of heart-shaped measuring spoons. They are made of stainless steel and each spoon features a different “love” saying on the handle. A “pinch of patience,” a “dash of kindness,” a “spoonful of laughter” and a “heap of love” are all engraved onto the handle.

The measuring spoons are presented in a lovely wedding-white gift box with a white satin ribbon and bow, adding to the presentation effect. This favor is a sure hit at any event!

This fun and functional little set will keep guests occupied at a bridal shower, birthday party or girls’ night out! It’s packed in a cute mini flip-flop that also has a handy pedicure set. It will have them giggling with delight and leaving you well-groomed thank you notes.

Another fun and functional little favor is this charming wine set with a chrome heart bottle stopper and “tuxedo tie” heart corkscrew. The chrome finish is a great match for your wedding color scheme, and it’s the perfect souvenir to remind them of your special day.

A “pear-fect” scented soap that’s as pretty as it is functional adds to this favor’s impressiveness. The sweet-scented soap is pale green and speckled with brown, like a real pear. It’s nestled in a straw-colored raffia, and the gift box is gorgeous.

A polished-metal bookmark with a pure-white silk tassel is a classic and stylish way to say thanks for a wedding or other special occasion. The bookmark’s elegant design shines through the glossy finish, and its openwork “butterfly” silver-metal construction makes it a stunning keepsake. You’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come!

Cuisipro Stainless Steel Magnetic Measuring Spoons

If you’re shopping for measuring spoons, it’s important to find a set that will work for you. They need to be durable, easy to clean, and able to stand up to wear and tear.

Stainless steel is a good choice for this purpose, since it is sturdy and doesn’t rust or corrode. It also comes in a wide range of colors, which makes it easy to match your kitchen.

Some measuring spoons come connected by a metal ring, which can be a convenient way to store them. But the ring may be too tight, so the spoons can fall off easily when they aren’t in use or stored in a drawer. Or they might be too round, which is hard to fit into narrow jars.

Another option is the Cuisipro Stainless Steel Magnetic Measuring Spoons, which have an attractive stainless steel finish that can add a modern touch to your kitchen. They are dishwasher safe and include five spoons ranging from 1/8 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon measurements.

These measuring spoons are also available in a variety of shapes, including oval. Oval spoons are often used for scooping ingredients from jars with small openings, like spice jars. They are often less expensive than their round counterparts and can be more versatile.

The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons With Magnetic Snap are another popular option. They have a stainless steel finish and are dishwasher safe. They also include a magnet to allow you to easily nest them together when you aren’t using them.

They are slightly shorter than other sets, but they are still quite accurate and work well for both wet and dry ingredients. Their stainless steel material makes them feel high-end, but they are also a little thicker than the Prepworks snap-fit option, which can make them harder to grip.

Finally, if you’re looking for a more elegant option, consider the Kate Aspen Simply Elegant Love Beyond Measure Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons. They are made from stainless steel and are very affordable, making them a great gift for anyone who loves cooking.

Cuisipro Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

Every cook needs a set of measuring spoons that are easy to use, accurate, and durable. The best sets are made from stainless steel and are able to withstand heat and cling to spices without causing rusting or cracking.

A good set of measuring spoons will help you prepare delicious recipes for your family and friends. They also come in a variety of designs and styles, so you can find one that’s right for your kitchen.

For example, you can get a set that has long handles for easier scooping or short handles to save space in your pantry. You can also find spoons with curved handles to make them more comfortable for use.

Choosing the right measuring spoons is important, especially if you plan on using them to measure liquid ingredients such as milk or water. The best measuring spoons America’s Test Kitchen will be able to measure the proper volume and have markings that are easy to read.

In addition, you should look for measuring spoons that are easy to clean and can be sanitized with warm soapy water and a soft brush. You can also run them through the dishwasher for extra sanitation and to prevent rusting.

You can find a wide variety of designs for measuring spoons, but the most popular are oval-shaped to fit into tall flour and sugar containers or narrow spice jars. They also cling less to spices than other spoons.

Another common design is a ring that connects multiple spoons together. This is often convenient, but it can be difficult to keep all of the spoons in place and can make it challenging to separate them if you need different sizes.

This set of measuring spoons from Cuisipro features a unique design with measurement markings etched directly into the handle for easy reading and accurate measurements. It includes 4 stainless steel measuring spoons in a range of sizes for all your measuring needs.

This set of measuring spoons is an Amazon top seller and ranked highest on a number of independent review sites, including America’s Test Kitchen. It’s a perfect gift for any chef or foodie on your list. They also come with a leveler for added accuracy and are dishwasher safe.

Le Creuset Measuring Spoons

Whether you’re cooking for yourself or planning to make a recipe with friends, a set of measuring spoons can help ensure that your dish comes out exactly the way you want it. The best ones aren’t only accurate, but they also feel great to hold and are easy to store in a drawer or a magnetic utensil rail.

If you’re looking for a set of versatile measuring spoons that will fit into most spice jars and come in a wide range of sizes, look no further than this 10-piece set from OXO. It’s affordable, durable, and etched with measurements so that they won’t wear off with time.

These stainless steel measuring spoons are perfect for day-to-day use, and the non-slip handles will give you a firm grip on your ingredients. They also have a convenient little pour spout so that you can easily measure out liquids like syrup or honey without splashing.

In addition to being dishwasher-safe, these spoons have flat bottoms that won’t tip over when resting on the counter. They also feature deep measurement markings that are etched deeply into the metal so they’re easier to read than spoons with a painted mark.

They’re available in a variety of colors, which will add a pop of color to your utensil drawer or kitchen utensils rail. They’re also sturdy and made from 18/10 stainless steel, which means they’re built to last.

While the set has a stylish and minimal design, the measurement markings aren’t as visible as some other sets I tested, which can be a little difficult to see for those with poor eyesight. However, they’re etched into the stainless steel, so they won’t fade with time.

The narrow shape of these spoons makes it easy to get them into most spice jars, even the smaller ones with the narrowest openings. Plus, the ring that holds them together is sturdy and a secure clasp makes it easy to remove just one spoon from the set.

These magnetic measuring spoons from OXO aren’t the most attractive option on our list, but they’re practical and durable. Their non-slip handles mean you won’t slip them over your fingers when preparing food, and the magnets will keep everything together in a drawer or on a magnetic utensil rail. They’re also safe to put in the dishwasher, so you can save space by storing them in the same place as your regular measuring cups and spoons.

Cooking Tips : How to Use a Measuring Spoon?


America’s Test Kitchen is widely regarded as one of the best kitchen brands in the US, and their measuring spoons are no exception. These measuring spoons are crafted with accuracy and precision in mind, allowing you to measure out ingredients without any guesswork.

The spoons feature a sturdy stainless steel construction that is both durable and lightweight, making them easy to use and store. The heads of each spoon have clear markings that make it easy to read measurements in milliliters, teaspoons, tablespoons, fluid ounces and more.

Additionally, the spoons boast an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip that makes it easier to measure out recipes.

The Best Measuring Spoons from America’s Test Kitchen also come with an added bonus: calibration rings.

These specially designed rings allow you to check the accuracy of your measurements in two simple steps: first place the ring on top of your spoon’s head and then adjust the length of your spoon until it fits snugly over the ring. This way, you can be sure that all of your measurements are accurate so that your recipes turn out perfectly every time.

Plus, these measuring spoons are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup after cooking up delicious meals for family and friends.

Top 9 Best Flax Milk Products To Buy

Flax milk is one of the newcomers to the plant-based milk scene, and it’s gaining popularity among dieters looking for a dairy-free option. It’s naturally gluten, dairy, nut, and soy-free, and it boasts impressive health benefits.

In addition to being a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, it also has significant amounts of antioxidizing lignans and gut-healthy fiber. It’s also a good source of calcium, if fortified.

Best Flax Milk Lists

top 9 best flax milk
Best Flax Milk

1. Good Karma Unsweetened Flax Milk

Whether you’re trying to cut out dairy products for health or ethical reasons, there are many alternatives available on the market. One popular option is almond milk.

Another is flax milk, a plant-based alternative to dairy milk. It’s a great option for people who are lactose intolerant or simply don’t like the taste of dairy.

It’s also low in calories, which is important if you’re looking to lose weight. It’s also packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, which have been shown to prevent heart disease and cancer.

Good Karma Unsweetened Flax Milk is a clean and allergen-friendly plant-based milk that tastes good on its own or in recipes. It’s made without nuts, dairy, soy, lactose or gluten and is glyphosate-free.

It’s also a good source of protein, which is essential for building muscle and repairing connective tissues. It also contains iron and vitamin A, which the body needs in small amounts to function properly.

2. Good Karma Vanilla Flax Milk

Flax milk is a delicious, nutritious, and nut-free dairy alternative that is often sought out for its lactose-free status. It is made from flaxseed, which offers numerous nutritional benefits, including omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats, according to WebMD.

It also has a lower saturated fat content than many other plant-based milks on the market. And because flaxseed is a good source of fiber, it may help keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Another reason to consider flaxseed-based milk is its high vitamin A, iron, and B12 content. A one-cup serving of flax milk provides 60% of your daily value for all three nutrients.

You can find flax milk in a variety of flavors, from a lightly sweetened vanilla to chocolate. Some brands may contain added sugar, so be sure to check the nutrition label. Typically, these sweetened varieties are made with cane sugar and vanilla extract.

3. Good Karma Pea Protein Flax Milk

One of the most allergy-friendly options on the dairy-alternative aisle is flax milk, which offers a lactose-free and nut-free alternative to cow’s milk. Nutrition expert Aja Gyimah, RD, says flaxseed-based milk is packed with heart-healthy fats and a lot of protein.

The key to choosing the best flax milk is to find a brand that has an unsweetened variety. It will have less sugar than sweetened versions, and it will also have a lower calorie count.

A good place to start is with a product from Good Karma, whose flax milk is made with cold-pressed organic flax oil, pea protein, sea salt, and several vitamins. The milk is fortified with B12- a vitamin that’s essential for making DNA, blood and nerve cells.

It’s also high in protein, containing roughly 8 grams of it per cup. Other benefits of flaxseed-based milk include no sugar, no carbohydrates, and a low calorie count. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats.

4. Silk Unsweetened Flax Milk

A plant based milk alternative, flaxseed milk is a popular beverage that is great for those with lactose intolerance and gastrointestinal issues. A blend of cold-pressed flaxseed oil and filtered water is the basis of most flax milks, though some brands add a few extra ingredients like pea protein, sea salt and vitamins to bump up the nutritional value.

This is a nutrient rich beverage that is easy to make and can be used in place of milk in a variety of recipes. The main benefit of this beverage is that it’s a great source of heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

It’s also a good choice for those with type 2 diabetes or who want to lower their blood sugar. The best flax milks boast a high level of protein and are fortified with vitamins and minerals like vitamin D, calcium and iron to keep the body running smoothly. The best flax milks also offer a touch of sweetness in the form of natural flavors or sugars that are better for you than white sugar.

5. Silk Pea Protein Flax Milk

If you want to boost your daily protein intake, try a milk with added pea protein. This unsweetened option from Silk is paired with cold-pressed organic flax oil, making it a great source of omega-3s.

The protein-rich drink is also fortified with calcium, which helps keep your bones strong. It’s available in shelf-stable packaging so you can always have it on hand.

Its mild flavor and consistency are a close match to cow’s milk, so it works well in coffee and other beverages alike. It’s also high in fiber, which is good for your health.

6. Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Flax Milk

Using a whopping 8 grams of plant-based protein, this glyphospheric marvel is the calorie king of the flax milk family. Boosted with a hefty helping of oh so sweet vanilla extract, this tasty malt oh and has been a winner with the kiddos for more than a week now. As a bonus, each serving has less than 50 calories and is lactose free. oh yeah, the big kids can have their milk and eat it too!

7. Silk Unsweetened Chocolate Flax Milk

It’s not often you find a frothy glass of milk that actually tastes like it has been brewed for hours and hours on end. Luckily for you and your palate, Silk has your back. The unsweetened, nondairy brew is a cinch to make at home or on the go and comes in handy for a quick pick me up in the middle of a busy day. It’s the perfect complement to your favorite coffee or tea. You’ll be happy to see it is also a low calorie and low sugar alternative. The best part? It only costs you a quarter.

8. Silk Unsweetened Almond Flax Milk

Silk Unsweetened Almond Flax Milk is an excellent choice for those who are looking to make a healthy switch to plant-based milk. It offers a smooth texture and great taste without the added sugars you would find in cow’s milk.

It’s also a good choice for those who are looking to add more protein to their diet. It contains 10 grams of pea protein per serving.

However, it does have a slightly grainy taste and can spoil quickly if not stored properly.

This Pacific Foods almond milk is a decent choice for those who want to try plant-based milk without the added sugars or additives. It’s also very low in calories and has a perfect consistency for drinking straight or adding it to recipes.

9. Silk Unsweetened Coconut Flax Milk

Whether you’re making a smoothie, adding it to coffee, or just enjoying it as is, Silk Unsweetened Coconut Flax Milk has the perfect hint of natural coconut flavor and creamy consistency. It’s a delicious alternative to dairy for customers with dairy sensitivities and provides a rich source of calcium and vitamins A and B12 per serving, while being free from lactose, carrageenan, gluten, casein and egg. Plus, it stays fresh 7-10 days after opening.

This article was brought to you by Silk. For more information, visit our website. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! We’d love to hear your feedback! If you have a product you’d like us to feature, please let us know. You can also contact us with any questions or concerns.