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What to Serve With Scallops?

what to serve with scallops

Scallops have a delicate flavor, so choosing what to serve with them should be a carefully thought out process. You don’t want a dish to overwhelm the delicate flavor of the scallops, but rather one that brings out the best of the seafood. The following suggestions will help you pair scallops with the right type of dish.

Top five side dishes to serve with scallops

One of the best ways to accompany scallops is to pair them with rice or quinoa. Rice pairs well with scallops because it is filling and has a balanced taste. It is also a great choice if you are serving scallops to a crowd or a family.

Traditionally, scallops are paired with clam chowder. However, there are many other delicious side dishes that you can serve alongside scallops. Here are a few of our favorites. Make one of these delicious dishes and see how they complement your scallops. The best part about these dishes is that they don’t take long to make!

Scallops pair well with many types of vegetables. You can roast them in the oven for 15 minutes or serve them with crisp potato salad. If you don’t want to eat carbohydrates with your scallops, you can serve them on a bed of greens. You can even cook the greens in the same pan as the scallops.

Scallops are delicious on their own, but they can be made even better with a few extra sauces. Depending on the season, you can use a variety of sauces to compliment them. Spicy curry sauce or sweet chutney can enhance the scallops’ delicate flavor. You can also try avocado with honey and dijon mustard dip or a jalapeno bourbon sauce.

Vegetable kabobs

Vegetable kabobs are the perfect summer meal and can be made in under an hour! The hard part is just prepping the vegetables. The rest is easy and delicious! Serve this grilled meal with grilled pita wedges and deli tabbouleh salad.

To make these vegetable kabobs, you will need a grill and some wooden or metal skewers. Thread the vegetables and seafood on the skewers and place them on the grill. You should turn the kabobs at least once during the cooking process. This will ensure that they cook evenly on both sides.

To make these vegetable kabobs smoky and seasoned, use Aleppo peppers (10,000 Scoville Scale Units) or crushed red pepper flakes (2000-2500 SCU). Crushed red pepper flakes are milder than Aleppo peppers but are still a flavorful addition. Grilled sea scallop kabobs with vegetables are an easy summer entree.

You can use any vegetable you like on these kabobs. Just be sure to marinate the vegetables for at least four hours before cooking them. Scallops and shrimp don’t have a lot of flavor on their own, so marinating them in this mixture will ensure that they get plenty of flavor.


Succotash is a delicious addition to scallops. This dish can also be served as a main course. Serve about 1 cup of succotash per person. To serve the scallops, place them on top of the succotash. Then spoon the remaining sauce over the scallops.

The scallops should be cooked thoroughly in their shells. If they are not, remove the flap, which is made up of muscle. This will open up the scallop shell. Scallops are full of protein. You can serve them with a side of feta cheese or goat cheese. If you’re preparing the dish for vegetarians, this dish can easily be made dairy-free.

To make succotash, first prepare the corn kernels. Microwave them. Then, cook them until they are just tender. Drain and rinse. You can also use dried beans. For dried ones, soak them overnight. Then, transfer them to a pot with 2 inches of water. Cook for approximately 35 to 45 minutes.

To make this dish more attractive, you can also season it with basil and lemon juice. To finish it off, you can serve it with scallops and a parsley drizzle.

Lemon butter sauce

Lemon butter sauce can be a delicious way to serve scallops. To make it, you will need 1/4 cup dry white wine, some sliced lemon, and butter. Reduce this mixture by half within a few minutes. Next, add chopped garlic and fresh lemon juice to the butter. Mix it well. Then, pour the sauce over the scallops. To serve, top with lemon zest.

Scallops are relatively fast cooking when placed in a hot skillet, and should only take about two minutes on each side. Adding a pan sauce will help elevate the scallops and give them a more fancy feel. And because it only requires five ingredients, it is easy to make. Just follow these simple steps. And the results will be delicious! When you’re ready to serve your scallops, enjoy your meal!

Pan seared scallops with lemon butter make a quick appetizer, and they look elegant when served over a bed of arugula. Sea scallops cook in an almost-smoky pan, so the exterior is lightly caramelized, while the inside is moist and tender. The lemon butter pan sauce adds a delicate flavor to the scallops, and it tempers their natural richness.

If you’re serving scallops with a side dish, angel hair pasta is a good choice. It is fine enough to match the lemon butter sauce, and it can be flavored with roasted garlic or olive oil. Other excellent choices include orzo or cooked jasmine rice.

Apple puree

Padraig McCarthy prepares a delicious Apple Puree to serve with scallops. Cooking an apple with a bit of sugar until soft, then pureeing it with a hand blender makes a delicious side dish. Fresh Apple should be thinly sliced. Then cook the scallops in lemon oil for 45 to 60 seconds on each side. Flip the scallops when the tops start to caramelise.

A large pot should be heated to medium heat. Add butter and celery root. Stir until soft, then add heavy cream. Cook until tender, about 15 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Pour half the cooking liquid into a blender. Puree the mixture using medium speed, until it is smooth and creamy. If necessary, add the remaining cooking liquid to the puree.

This dish is a delicious accompaniment to scallops. The oats in the Clonakilty pudding have a crumbly texture, which pairs nicely with the scallops. It also pairs well with other dishes such as chocolate. The apple sauce has the added benefit of bringing out the sweetness of the scallops.

Cauliflower puree

Scallops are a perfect accompaniment to a delicious creamy puree made from cauliflower. To make the puree, roast the cauliflower in the oven for about 5 minutes, then blend the cooked cauliflower with warm milk until smooth. Season with salt and pepper. When serving, spoon the puree over the scallops. Top with some chopped bacon, if desired.

This dish is quick and easy to make. The cauliflower puree makes a light and flavourful accompaniment to scallops and grilled bacon. It’s a recipe from Robin’s repertoire. It only requires a few ingredients, and you can create it at home for less than a third of the price. Begin by boiling the cauliflower florets in salted water for about 10 minutes. Then, drain and put them in a high-speed blender or food processor.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking the cauliflower, make the puree the day before. You can use a high-speed blender or food processor to do this, or you can just place the bowl over gently simmering water. Cauliflower puree is a delicious and low-carb dish, and it’s also Paleo, Whole30, dairy-free, and SCD-friendly.

Make a simple cauliflower puree with just a few ingredients. To make cauli mash faster, use a food processor, a high-powered blender, or a potato masher. Either way, it will turn out delicious! To serve the cauliflower puree with scallops, you can use bacon that has been baked at a temperature of 200degC or 400degF.

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