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Types of Candy That Start With V

Candy that start with v

There are a few types of candy whose name starts with V. These include Vanilla taffy and Victory V. The names of these sweets depend on their popularity. It isn’t common to find these types of sweets, though. These candies are generally considered to be more expensive than other types of candies.

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Victory V

Victory V is a British brand of liquorice-flavoured lozenges. Invented in Nelson, Lancashire, in 1864 by doctors Edward Smith MD and Thomas Fryer, the lolz were originally hand-made and infused with therapeutic ingredients. Now, the brand offers more than 150 different flavours.

Victory V lozenges are famous for their unique flavour and warming qualities. They have a long history and are still very popular today. The name Victory V is based on the famous ‘V’ sign used by English archers at the Battle of Agincourt. Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister, even adopted this brand during World War II. The ingredients of these lozenges include sugar, glucose syrup, linseed oil, and flavourings.

The V was so popular that it even appeared on potato chips, potatoes, and planes. Despite the German efforts to erase it, the V remained a symbol of the war effort. Today, it is a symbol that represents freedom and victory. It’s an iconic war symbol that is recognized around the world.

Vanilla taffy

Vanilla taffy is a classic treat, reminiscent of childhood trips to the candy store. This salt water taffy is soft, chewy, and has a classic vanilla flavor. It makes a beautiful addition to a white-themed candy buffet or party. And it’s not just for kids. Vanilla taffy can be enjoyed by everyone!

Its classic vanilla flavor is light and refreshing. You’ll want to indulge in a few bites of this classic treat whenever you can. Luckily, vanilla taffy is readily available in single-serving portions. It also makes a wonderful addition to a dessert buffet. And because it’s individually wrapped, it’s a perfect treat for a busy afternoon.

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