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Sweets That Start With W

If you’re looking for some tasty treats that start with the letter W, you’ve come to the right place. The sweets we’re discussing here range from Wacky Wafers to Windbeutels and War cakes. And they are all quite delicious.


A windbeutel is a choux pastry ball filled with cream or custard, and topped with a confectionary coating. This type of pastry is often a dessert or snack for tea time. The pastry can be topped with a chocolate sauce, caramel, or whipped cream. They are also made with an additional fruit layer. It’s an old fashioned garnish, but nowadays they are found in soups, too. These sweets are a great way to end a meal.

It’s not hard to see why they are so popular. They are tasty, easy to make, and they look fantastic. They are great for an afternoon tea or to go with coffee. There are plenty of recipes for this classic German treat.


There are a lot of desserts that start with w. It can be anything from a TCBY ice cream cake to an ice cream sandwich. These can be found in local grocery stores and markets. This list includes brief descriptions of each dessert.

Warcake is a dense, chocolate cake. Traditionally, it is baked in a tin. It is delicious with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Alternatively, it may be served with brown sugar sauce. To decorate the cake, you can add caramel or powdered sugar. For a quick fix, it can also be served with a whipped cream topping. The fillings include pureed meats, whipped cream, pastry cream, and custard.


If you are a fan of candy, you may have heard of Wazoo. This taffy bar was launched by Topps in 2009. However, the company was unable to make it a success. They soon declared bankruptcy and never produced this flavor again. While it’s hard to find this type of candy nowadays, you can still enjoy a taste of the past.

Developed by Dan Hart, Wazoo was a tasty taffy-style candy bar. The coating was fun and colorful, while the center was creamy and tangy. It was coated with sprinkles, making it a festive treat. Despite its many fun qualities, Wazoo was not very flavorful. So, the next time you’re in the candy aisle, look for a different variety.

War cake

A war cake is a dessert made during World War II. Although not exactly the same as the original, this wartime confection is still an enticing treat. Originally served in a tin can, it is a dense and rich chocolate cake. It’s also tasty with whipped cream or a brown sugar sauce.

The most obvious ingredient is the sugar. However, the sugar may have been replaced with a cheaper substitute. One popular option was candied orange peels. These were not just pretty to look at, they were a clever way to brighten up a limited supply of ingredients.

During the Great Depression, the popularity of this particular bauble grew. The recipe was printed in magazines such as Loring Schuler’s Ladies’ Home Journal. There were also numerous radio shows that circulated the recipe.


Watermelon sweets are a quintessential summer treat. They are delicious, refreshing, and easy to make. And, while many people don’t think of watermelon as a healthy snack, it is actually a great source of nutrients.

Its high water content means it contains a lot of watermelon juice, but there are also some nutritious components in the flesh that are worth including. This fruit has a very rich antioxidant content, including lycopene, citrulline, and beta-carotene. These compounds may help protect you from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

In addition, there are some diuretic properties in watermelon that could be beneficial for those with kidney disease or those with excess fluid in their bodies. However, you should consult a physician before using a prescription diuretic.

Wacky Wafers

Wacky Wafers are a retro candy with a fruity twist. They are a round coin-like shape made of multi-colored wafers. The company re-introduced the old favorites in 2017.

The company has a long history, dating back to the 1920s when it was known as Leaf Brands. Today, it is a family-owned company that produces classic candy, including Astro Pops, Hydrox Cookies, Farts Candy, and Tart N’ Tints. It’s a name that resonates with many candy lovers.

Wacky Wafers are a bit like Pop Rocks. They’re crisp, easy to chew, and have a fruity crunch to them. Plus, they come in five different flavors – Orange, Green Apple, Watermelon, Strawberry, and Banana. All of these are gluten free.

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