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Sweets That Start With E

Sweets That Start With E

If you love baking, you may have already discovered that the letter E in the alphabet is associated with several types of sweets. But do you know what they are? Check out the list below. Some of the tasty treats include Eskimo pie, Everlasting Gobbstoppers, and Elephant ears.

Everlasting Gobbstoppers

Everlasting Gobbstoppers, also known as jaw breakers, are a round confection that have a dazzling array of colours and flavors. This popular treat was invented by a fictional candy company called Willy Wonka. The Willy Wonka brand is owned by Nestle, the multinational conglomerate that has a long history of producing confections.

The name “gobstopper” is actually a British colloquial term referring to a stopper. These spheres of bright colour are about the size of a marble. They are fun to eat and can keep kids busy for hours.

Every Flavor Beans

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, you may be interested in buying Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. These sweets are a fun way to celebrate your favorite movie and book.

The origins of these candy are a bit unclear, but many believe that they are a direct product of the wizarding world. They are manufactured by Jelly Belly, who has produced over fifty official flavors.

These beans are sweet and sour, and come in a variety of flavours. For instance, there is an earwax flavour, a soap flavour, a booger flavour, and a dirt flavour. Moreover, they are gluten and peanut free.

Eggnog fudge

Eggnog fudge is a classic holiday treat. It is creamy, rich, and flavored with nutmeg.

Eggnog fudge is incredibly easy to make and store. The best way to store it is in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer.

First, you will need to prepare the ingredients. In a large saucepan over medium heat, combine the eggnog, sugar, and butter. Once the mixture has reached a boil, remove the pan from the heat. Let it sit for a few minutes.

English toffee

English toffee is a popular holiday treat. It is a rich and indulgent confection made from butter and sugar. The smooth caramel flavor is balanced with creamy chocolate.

To make the best possible version of this tasty treat, it’s important to know the right ingredients, the right cooking methods, and the proper temperature. Although the ingredients are simple, ensuring that the toffee is properly cooked is more complex.

To make the best possible toffee, you’ll need to start with a clean, dry pan. If you’re cooking on a stove, check the temperatures regularly. You’ll also need to pay attention to the quantity of each ingredient. This is where a thermometer can come in handy.

Elephant ears

Elephant ears are popular street foods. They are fried bread confections covered with sugar and cinnamon. This light and airy treat is served at fairs, as an appetizer or as a dessert. It is available for purchase at theme parks, food stands, and even in the street.

Elephant ears are made with a puff pastry dough. The dough is rolled and then deep fried. There are many different variations of the recipe, and some use coconut and honey instead of cinnamon.

Eskimo pie

The Eskimo Pie is a sweet treat that combines ice cream with chocolate. It is made with vanilla ice cream and coated with hard chocolate.

Christian Kent Nelson developed the idea for Eskimo Pie in 1920. He was a teacher at the time. He said he was inspired to invent the product when he saw a boy struggling to choose between ice cream and a candy bar.

He worked for weeks to discover the best way to attach chocolate to ice cream. After he developed the recipe, he partnered with a chocolate maker. Together, they marketed Eskimo Pie to local vendors who did not have freezers. They sold over one million per day by spring 1922.


What is Esspapier, you ask? It is a type of paper that is not only edible, but also a tasty treat. And while the name may suggest otherwise, the company makes many more than one type of paper based confection. In addition to the standard fare, the company produces a plethora of gluten free varieties.

Not to be confused with the aforementioned edible paper, there is a family owned company called Kuchle who has been churning out the trinity for years. Their website features a slew of informational resources about the company’s history, products and special offers.

English pudding

An English pudding is a type of dessert which is made from a custard or rusk base. This pudding is typically served warm with whipped double cream or vanilla ice cream. It is popular with British citizens, who make it an important part of summer.

Pudding is typically steamed or baked. The puddings vary in color and flavor, but they are usually sweet. Some British puddings are savoury. For example, the spotted dick is a boiled pudding which includes raisins.

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