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Candy That Starts With an S

Candy that start with s

If you’re looking for candy that starts with an S, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find information about Sno-Caps, the semi-sweet chocolate treat popular with kids. You can also find out about Sour Patch Kids and Smarties. These are great treats to share with family and friends.

S candies are a candy that starts with s

Candies beginning with S include fruity, rainbow, and chocolate confections. They range from the chewiest to the sweetest. In addition, you can find sour candies. Here’s a look at a few of the best S candies.

Sno-Caps are semi-sweet chocolate treats

Sno-Caps are a popular American candy brand that’s made with semi-sweet chocolate and white nonpareils. They were first introduced by the Blumenthal Chocolate Company in the late 1920s and have been around ever since. The company was founded by Joseph Blumenthal in 1903 and passed through several different corporate entities throughout the 20th century. In the mid-1980s, it was acquired by Nestle, who still manufactures Sno-Caps today.

These small chocolate morsels are covered with crunchy white candy sprinkles. Their small size makes them great for sharing. They’ve been a popular snack for moviegoers for almost 50 years. The chocolate inside Sno-Caps is semi-sweet and contains sugar, cornstarch, confectioner’s glaze, and carnauba wax. While most people don’t mind the small size of these chocolate treats, they should be eaten with caution by young children. They may choke on the small candy pieces, so parents should supervise children’s eating habits.

While Sno-Caps are marketed as “low-fat,” they don’t necessarily contain less fat than leading chocolate brands. Most chocolates contain more than 25% fat. As such, Sno-Caps contain 80% less chocolate than other chocolates with the same amount of fat. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t taste as good. Instead, they contain fewer calories and more sugar than most other chocolates.

The process of making Sno-Caps is similar to that of traditional candy. They’re made by pouring sugar or starch into small droplets. The purpose of this process is to mask the taste of the medicine, while still delivering the medicine to the stomach. They have a drop-like shape that makes them easier to eat.


Smarties are an American candy brand owned by the Dee family. The company is led by Elizabeth Dee, the granddaughter of the company’s founder. She works for the company, and as a kid, she’d Rollerblade around the factory floor. Now, she’s a mother of two kids, ages three and five.

Originally, Smarties were printed with the alphabet, but that was discontinued in the 1970s. While this helped some children learn their ABCs, most didn’t pay attention to the alphabet while eating Smarties. The name, however, implies that eating Smarties makes you “smarter.”

The Smarties Candy Company makes a wide range of confectionery candies, including lollies, rolls, and pops. The company also produces candy necklaces. These candies are popular among children and are a popular classroom treat. Smarties are a popular choice for Halloween candy.

The candy company began making Smarties around 1949. The tablet-shaped candies are slightly tart and chalky, and come in light colors. The candy company makes 2.5 billion Smarties each year. It also makes Sour Punch straws, which are fruit-flavored rope candies coated with sugar. Sour Punch straws are similar to Smarties, but are not quite as sour.

Sour Patch Kids are a sour candy

Sour Patch Kids are a candy with a long history. They were first created in the late 1970s in Ontario, Canada. Initially named Mars Men, the candy was renamed in 1985 and introduced to the United States market. The candy was later acquired by Mondelez International, an American multinational confectionery holding company. The company still produces Sour Patch Kids today.

The main ingredient in Sour Patch Kids is tartaric acid, which reacts with the saliva on the tongue to create the sour taste. However, the gummy candy underneath is sweet and a great addition to baked goods and frozen desserts. The brand is owned by Mondelez International, a multinational confectionery holding company based in Illinois.

Sour Patch Kids are a fun candy for children and adults alike. They are chewy and soft and are packed with pucker power. Each bag contains eight ounces of gummy candy. They are also resealable. Sour Patch Kids are made with a blend of natural and artificial flavors.

Although Sour Patch Kids are relatively new to the candy world, they are taking the sweet and sour world by storm. They are an ideal treat for the movies or mid-afternoon snack. Sour Patch Kids are a great way to get in your daily dose of sweet-and-sour foods.

Sour Patch Kids are available in a variety of flavors and colors. The original flavors included lime, lemon, orange, and raspberry. In 2013, the company added a new flavor, blue raspberry, and added the flavor to the original Sour Patch Kids. In addition, Sour Patch Kids have spawned several spin-off products, including gum and cereal.

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