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Candy That Starts With a Z

Candy that start with z

Candy that starts with z is fun, zippy, and zesty! There are Zours, Zotz, Zagnut bars, and Little Debbie snack cakes to name a few. These candies are fun and zany, making them fun to review or remember. The best part is that they’re fun to eat, too.


If you’re looking for retro candy that starts with a Z, you might want to try Zours. Originally invented in 1940, ZOURS are a sour take on the classic Mike and Ike candy. They have a smooth coat of sour sugar on the outside and a hard, clean shell on the inside. They are perfect for a two-bite chew and don’t stick to your teeth. Plus, they have a complex flavor with just the right balance of sweet and sour.

There are many different types of Z candies. Several varieties feature a unique blend of rich, sour, chewy, and chocolate flavors. Some are rarer than others, but most of them will be readily available in 2022. Zours are also a good choice for a candy party.


Zotz are candy that start with the letter “z”. These fizzy treats have a fizzy center that gives them a tart and sweet flavor. They look like ordinary hard candy, but when you bite into the center, you get a fizzy whoosh! The fizzing sensation is so strong, it might make you blush!

Zotz can be found in candy stores and convenience stores across the country. They are available in shareable bags of forty-six pieces or individually wrapped. The main ingredients are glucose syrup, malic acid, and sodium bicarbonate, which make the candy fizz. The candy is also gluten-free and nut-free.

Zagnut bars

Zagnut bars are famous for their retro taste and are perfect for snacking or sharing. They’re also a great addition to desserts, adding an extra kick of flavor to any sweet treat. They’re individually wrapped, making them easy to store in your pantry or kitchen. Zagnut bars are also great to stock up on for your kids’ birthday parties.

Zagnut bars are a classic treat that have been around since the 1930’s. Originally launched by the Clark Company, they were later purchased by Leaf, another candy company. Later, Hershey purchased Leaf Brands, and the brand continued to produce Zagnut bars. Despite the change in ownership, the delicious recipe and logo haven’t changed.

The Zagnut is nearly identical to the original Zagnut bar that was given to soldiers overseas in the 1940s. The bar’s history makes it a true time capsule, with its crispy texture and rich peanut butter flavor. This unique history is one of the main reasons many people want to try this unique snack.

Although hard to find in some markets, Zagnut bars have a loyal following and continue to become a popular treat. They combine the flavor of toasted coconut with peanut butter. Despite the fact that they contain no chocolate, they’re packed with peanuts and a layer of crunchy peanut butter. If you love peanut butter and toasted coconut, Zagnut bars are an absolute must-try.

These bars may be the most unique and delicious candy in the world! These little snack bars were first created for military rations and haven’t changed much since then. They’re still wrapped in a bright red wrapper and have bright yellow lettering reminiscent of the 1930s. However, they’re not designed to be eaten by the general public.

Little Debbie snack cakes

One of the many brands of snack cakes available to the public is Little Debbie. They offer classic flavors like sponge cake and cream filling. You can also try their frosted chocolate cupcakes, coffee cakes, and mini donuts. In addition to snack cakes, Little Debbie also makes a wide variety of snacks, including potato chips and lollipops. These treats can also be enjoyed as gifts or served for special occasions.

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