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Candy That Start With the Letter I

There are many different candy products that begin with the letter i. Here are just a few of them: Kisses, Iris, Imps, and Icee. Find out about the history of these popular confections. You might even recognize some of them if you have a sweet tooth!

Iris candy

Several countries have a special kind of soft caramel that is popular for candy-making. In the United States, it’s salt water taffy, while the Polish call it korovka. In Russia, they call it iriski, or “iris”. The Russian name is derived from a French confectioner, Morne, who discovered the iris’ pattern on the surface of cooled caramel. The pattern resembled the petals of an iris flower.


Icees are a popular brand of slush drinks. They come in a wide variety of flavors and can be found in many places including restaurants. The company has over 75,000 machines across the United States and serves over 300 million servings a year. Its product line also includes slush drinks, slushie pops, frozen treats, and sour patch kids. Icees were created accidentally when a soda machine malfunctioned. In addition to being sold in stores, they can be found inside restaurants, stadiums, movie theaters, and other public venues. Icees are also sold in some gas stations and co-branded CornerStore marts.

Icees were first invented in 1958 in Coffeyville, Kansas. They are a frozen carbonated drink that comes in fruit and soda flavors. The Icee Company, which is based in La Vergne, Tennessee, also manufactures other frozen drinks. Moreover, they make Italian ice pops. The Icee bear is the mascot of the company.

Icee gums, breath mints, and peppermint chews are among the popular Icee products. The glitter-sprinkled gum is one of the latest additions to the Icee family. The company also sells Ice caps, which are unique candies that are sold by Peter’s chocolate company. These hard shell candies are also sold in bulk packaging, although they are not easy to carry.

Squeeze candies are another popular product of the Icee company. These candies come in squeeze tubes that look like slushie cups and can be easily displayed. They come in a variety of flavors including watermelon, blue raspberry, and cherry.


Kisses are candy that start with the letter i. They’ve been around for many decades, and the first colored chocolates were introduced in 1962. Originally, the chocolates were wrapped in silver foil, but in 1962 they began to come in a variety of colors. They were also manufactured to coincide with the Christmas season, and were created by John Figi, the owner of a mail-order food gift business based in Marshfield, Wisconsin.

In 1924, the Hershey Chocolate Company registered the word “Kisses” as a trademark in the United States. The company repackaged Kisses in a paper plume as part of its marketing efforts. Later, in the same year, the Hershey Company developed wrapping machinery for the chocolates. In 1924, the company also registered a trademark for the paper plume, which became the earliest and most distinctive brand identifier.

Kisses are a very iconic brand. As a core brand of the Hershey Company, Kisses chocolates have been a popular treat for many years. They are easily recognizable by their distinct cone shape and distinctive paper plume. They are loved around the world. Despite being invented nearly a century ago, Kisses have never lost their popularity, and continue to remain popular today.

While the name is iconic, it may not be obvious. The chocolates themselves are the only candy that begins with the letter i. As such, they are also very popular among children. Their wrapper mimics the color of candy corn, and their packaging is made with stripes of orange, white, and yellow. They are also sold in pieces. However, these pieces are no longer produced.

Imps candy

You can find imps candy in stores and online, but they aren’t as common as you might think. These spicy treats are made from cinnamon and licorice, and come in little rounded pellets. You can find both the original and Mighty Imps flavors, and both are packaged in an old-school box.

Intense oranges

Excellence Intense Orange is a rich chocolate with a delicate fruity aroma and a hint of almond slivers. The flavor is best enjoyed chilled. The ingredients in this luxurious chocolate include sugar, cocoa butter, orange pieces and almonds. It also contains artificial flavoring. It comes in different flavors and is available in many languages.

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