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Candy That Start With the Letter E

Candy that start with e

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best candies beginning with the letter e. These include e-ma candies, Emilys chocolates, Gummy bears, and Bananarama. These candies begin with the letter e, and their names are sure to make you smile.

e-ma candies

If you’re looking for a throat candy that’s both tasty and healthy, try E-ma candies. These Japanese throat lozenges are made from real juice puree and infused with vitamins A, C, and D. They’re packaged in convenient pouches and are available in a range of different fruit flavors.

This new e-ma candy features Girls’ Generation in the title, Miracle Change. The girls are pictured in cute mini dresses and a pink guitar. With all this publicity, this candy is sure to fly off the shelves! As a bonus, the company is giving away free posters featuring the group.

Another great candy is Meisan Houjicha Candy, which is made from roasted Japanese green tea extract and sugar. Other ingredients include caramel sauce and flavoring. The best place to buy them is at 100 yen shops. You can also find vegan candies at import shops.

Emilys chocolates

Emily’s Chocolates started out as a small operation in a garage in Fife, Washington, and today, it’s one of the most well-known chocolate brands in the United States. Its chocolates are also sold in several major grocery chains, as well as in ten different countries. The company was founded by George Paulose, who immigrated to Fife in the 1960s from India. In his early days, he was a successful executive for a large corporation, but in his later years he decided to try something different, so he opened up his own chocolate business.

The name Emily’s Chocolates began in 1855 when its inventor, Elmer, first made chocolate. The company quickly became popular for blending milk and dark chocolates into unique blends. Its signature candy is made by mixing dark chocolate, caramel, and smooth orange or strawberry creme. It also offers a variety of other candies, such as the Almond, which is a complete snack, and a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Other products produced by Emily’s include chocolate-covered graham crackers, fortune cookies, and different types of dark chocolate.

Gummy bears

The name gummy bear is an abbreviation for gum arabica, which was first used to produce the chewy candy in 1922. The gum arabica is a rubbery resin derived from acacia trees. Today, the gum is replaced with gelatin, a protein-rich thickener with 18 amino acids. It is used in many consumer products and foods. However, gelatin requires a great deal of heat and time to break down and work properly. This process is usually done in stages, so that the syrup does not bubble or burn.

Gummy bears are typically formed into a bear-shaped mold, but can be made in any shape you’d like. The shape is a matter of preference – gummy worms are also a popular form. Once the liquid hardens, it is poured into molds lined with corn starch. Then, the gummies are allowed to sit for about 24 hours.

Gummy bears are a unique candy that originated in Germany. They are made from gelatin and other ingredients, including flavorings and colors. The gelatin helps them maintain a long shelf life and their chewy texture. They are usually made in factories and are sold in many varieties.

The sweet taste of gummy bears is a key characteristic. During the 90s, extra bubble gum was very popular, so it makes sense that they would be a popular choice for young children. The minty flavor was popular, and the gum was marketed as essential for oral health. It has become a favorite among children and adults alike. One thing to remember though is that extra bubble gum is not available in every country.


Bananarama’s first single, “It Ain’t What You Do”, reached the UK Top 5 in 1982. The group had a brief reunion in 2008 for a Eurovision special. But they hadn’t toured together since Siobhan Fahey left the group in 1988. However, they did appear in various films, including the ITV comedy Benidorm. The group has recently announced plans for a new album of disco covers.

The band began in 1980 and has since expanded into a duo. They have had many international hits and 32 UK Top 40 singles. They have recorded ten albums and sold over 30 million records. The band’s name is inspired by the letter e. They have a website where fans can purchase CDs of their songs.

The group’s 11th studio album, “Pop Life,” has electro beats and a moody echo vocal effect. There’s a Saturday disco feel to the album, and the band incorporated a wider range of music genres. Songs like “Tripping on Your Love” feature Flamenco guitar and acid house. The album was met with positive reviews.

Bananarama made their record at Ian Masterson’s Wapping studios. The band says it was a delight to work with him. They have a set routine that they follow in the studio. In the morning, they greet the producers’ dogs, Martha and Marilyn, and then begin the recording process.


The letter E has many interesting candy options. Some of them are not common, but others are unique to the candy industry. For instance, Elvis fudge is a unique treat that combines peanut butter and banana. Another fun treat is an Easter bunny chocolate, which is shaped like a chocolate bunny and eaten on Easter. The other candy choices that start with an E include the Edinburgh rock, which is a traditional confection from Edinburgh. It is usually in stick form and has a soft texture.

English toffee, exploding truffles, Eclairs, Elvis fudge, and pop rocks candy are all examples of candy with an “E” in the name. Some types of eggs are also shaped like the letter “E.” Among other choices, you can also choose from a variety of fudge, which might include eggnog, Elvis, or Elvis.

Extra is a bubble-gum brand

Extra is a popular bubble-gum brand that has been around for decades. It began as one of the first sugar-free gums produced by the Wrigley Company and has grown to be the largest brand of chewing gum in the United States. Originally, the Extra brand did not contain saccharin and instead used a brand of sugar substitute called NutraSweet. This sugar substitute was reportedly safer for human consumption than saccharin. However, in 1997, Extra changed its formula and added aspartame.

The extra bubble-gum brand offers an excellent variety of flavors and is a fun, healthy alternative to sweets. It makes your breath smell great and is available in many different varieties. Its flavor is very popular among children and can be enjoyed by all ages. Before the sugar content of gum was regulated, Extra had as many as 15 flavors.

Other popular bubble-gum flavors include clove, mint, and cinnamon. This brand was the first to introduce chewing gum that had a clove flavor. Its original flavor is clove, and it is still one of the most popular gum brands. The color of bubble gum is easily recognizable, and the flavor often corresponds to its color. Some bubble gums are pink, while others have a sour flavor. This brand is particularly popular with children because of the large bubbles it produces.

Today’s chewing gums are more versatile than ever. Many modern chewing gum brands are designed to make popping bubbles easier. Many people enjoy gums with an elastic feel that doesn’t stick to their lips. The smell also dissipates quickly.

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