Taro Ball         Winter Melon Tea


Selection Processing Shred
Our raw material are carefully selected daily from the top quality suppliers in Taiwan.

The selected Taros are washed for peeling, then washed again before processing.

Taros are than manually shredded before steaming.
Steam Thickening Kneading
Shredded Taros are slowly steamed for perfection. Mixing the cooked Taros with our specially made Corn and Potato powders.  

The kneading process is conducted entirely by our senior chefs to ensure the chewiness and texture of the product.

Shaping Cooking Handmade Taro Ball Dessert

The Taro dough is shaped into sticks and cut into small pieces; every Taro Ball is quality ensured because we take pride in our handmade quality. 

The Taro Ball are cooked daily just before serving to ensure the freshness of the product.  
With your choice of toppings, our products are sure to please your tastebuds.