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Hello Eat My Shots! readers!

Apologies for the lack of activity lately, I've been busy with work and haven't had much chance to eat out or cook. But I'm hoping to schedule in some places and recipes these holidays! I've also bought a new portable camera, that is a tad better than the ordinary consumer point and shoot, and close to a beginner DSLR. Best of all its compact for me to bring around, great food blogger tool...though of course the quality can't compare to my 5D Mk2 which I often attach a 50mm 1.4 to. But it's good enough for a foodie on the go.

Anyways... {I'm absolutely hyped up blogging bout this as I just came home with tubs of it... if you know me well enough... you'll know what my latest obsessions are...}

The boyfriend and I tend to have a late night sweet tooth for desserts; sadly Sydney doesn't have much to offer! At times I wish we were in Hong Kong, {or insert Asian country} because I know there are dessert places like every few blocks..that open till late. That does not exist here.

Well, the places we tend to go to included Max Brenner in Bondi/Paddington, and Wow Cow Darlinghurst, oh and of course Pancakes at the Rocks. Until the next best thing happened for dessert-lovers....

The latest hot spot in Chinatown, is franchise of popular Taiwanese joint – Meet Fresh. I had no idea it was one of the 100 franchises around the world, I only thought it was a new Easy Way venture ... obviously I was wrong.. and did not hit me that Easy Way was also worldwide.

The first week or should I say weeks were busy, busy {LONG, LONG Lines}! It is located at the location of ex-Da Niang Dumplings, just around the corner of Mamak – the popular Malaysian roti restaurant that is ALSO known for their daily super long lines. Mamak for dinner, followed by Meet Fresh for dessert – best idea, if you can put up with the lines! First they had a buy one get one free; limited to two of the most popular choices on their menu; Taro Balls #4; with taro, red bean and pearls and secondly the Signature Herbal Jelly.

It's been about 2 months since the grand opening, and according to my foursquare history {yes I'm a fanatic – and don't try to add me.. coz I don't accept strangers solly} I've been there 14 times. That's already more than once a week! The boyfriend is mostly responsible for the cravings! Surprisingly its still queuing every night after 7pm, thank God service wasn't as slow.. I'm sure they've picked up on that. So I would say, expect about an average 20-30min wait after 7:30pm. Best time to go is when its raining.. you find a shorter queue! bring an umbrella of course...

Okay, so WHAT IS the buzz at this place?

It makes awesome signature Taiwanese desserts; using taro balls (made of glutinous flour; rather chewy at that with taro and sweet potato flavouring) OR herbal jelly as the base of the dessert 'soup'. You can choose from a variety of toppings; which you will find on their menu – they have about 8 suggestions to get you started. You can have it hot or cold, I'm for COLD! Save the hot for winter {though I have it cold anyways!}

I believe Herbal Jelly / Taro Balls #4 is the most popular one – with red beans, taro, pearls on top of taro and sweet potato balls and icing in a sweet syrup soup. It was odd, after the first week they completely ran out of taro – so it was 'sold out' but it's back in stock now!

Herbal Jelly #6; with Jelly Noodle, Jelly Cake and Pearls $5.50 with Extra Taro Ball topping (+ $0.60)

But anyway, my favourite base has to be the Herbal Jelly – it really is known as Grass Jelly {maybe it may sound gross to non-asians if it was called that}, but its made of mint and some other herbs to create a cooling effect when consumed. Therefore it is absolutely relieving on a hot day! So imagine swallowing some herbal jelly.. which will soothingly slide down your throat, and you'll feel that much better!

Favourite toppings are the #6 combination; with jelly noodle, jelly cake, and pearls on top of herbal jelly and shaved ice. The herbal jelly syrup is less sweet than the taro balls combination. Not a fan of the taro balls, because it gets a bit 'too much' after a few scoops – it is made of glutinous flour afterall! So if I ever want taro balls, I just get it as an extra topping to my herbal jelly for $0.60 more.

Other than the Herbal Jelly and Taro balls combination, there are also tofu pudding {with choices of toppings} and blended/shaved ice that is served with your choice of toppings as well. These I have not tried yet! I'm not a big fan of tofu pudding and and find shaved ice a little ordinary all together. But I might be wrong, I think I'll make sure I try it at my next visit!

Winter Melon Tea $3.80

AS for drinks, they serve some popular Taiwanese favourites; Black tea, Winter Melon Tea {and a few others which I can't recall}. There was something different about these drinks, they had an extra option to have whipped cream on top of these for an extra $0.40c. I've tried the Winter Melon Tea so far with whipped cream which I assume you mix in... The amount of whipped cream is ridiculous! It is probably 1/3 of the cup you see below. After a while it doesn't feel too good... but it does taste good... with the bit of guilt. So I'd go for straight Winter Melon Tea. Also a refreshing choice for $3.80.

As you can see here, they give you small containers of milk as well, which you are meant to mix into the herbal jelly. That is one thing I've been a bit chicken to try ... because I'm afraid it'll spoil the refreshing feel! Next time... next time... I even forgot to add it in tonight to try...

The bowl is probably bigger than what you see here... I usually have difficulty finishing it, so of course, the boyfriend gets a bit more on top of his share!

But yes, Sydney-siders! Summer nights out can be well worth it!

So, for those who has been to Meet Fresh before? Which is your favourite FRESH combination?

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